Monday, 30 October 2017

Launched: Slack Integration, New Widgets, Data Feeds, and More!

This is another huge week for new Tokeet features and enhancements!
  • First, we've launched an integration with Slack. By using the integration, you can get notified of Tokeet events in corresponding Slack channels. For example, every "Booking Confirmed" event can be tracked an associated Slack channel. Read more about our integration with Slack in our Help Center
  • Second, we've launched two new widgets: a Booking Widget and a Search Widget! 
    • The Tokeet Booking Widget allows guests to book directly from your non-Tokeet website, via a Tokeet booking engine. 

    • The Tokeet Search Widget allows guests to search the availability of your rentals from any website. You can use your own non-Tokeet website and seamlessly direct users to your Tokeet website for final booking and communication. Read more about our new widgets in our Help Center
  • Third, we've launched a brand new Data Feeds feature. Tokeet believes in arming you with all the data possible. Now you can easily extract detailed, event-level data via a secure data feed URL. Inquiry and Guest data feeds are available; data is updated in real time. Read more about Data Feeds in our Help Center
  • Next, we've launched an integration with Dropbox. Used with Tokeet, Dropbox can help you centralize your documents and keep them stored in Dropbox's cloud infrastructure. In particular, you can store attachments received via incoming email and executed contracts in your Dropbox account. Read more about the Tokeet integration with Dropbox in our Help Center
  • Last but not least, we've launched a series of enhancements to improve the security of our platform. Your Tokeet email attachments are now accessible only with a Tokeet login; they may also be stored in your connected Dropbox account.
Thank you for continuing to make Tokeet great! We're looking forward to your feedback about these new additions to our platform. As always, please email us with your questions or suggestions any time.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Launched: Booking Engine, Rates Calendar, and Client API!

This week, we are rolling out multiple exciting additions to the Tokeet platform.
  • First, we've launched the Tokeet Booking Engine.  This highly requested feature can be used as either an extension of the current Website Builder, or a standalone booking engine if you have your own, non-Tokeet website.  Read more about the Tokeet Booking Engine in our Help Center.    
  • Second, we have added a new "Rental Rates" module which allows you to observe both occupancy & rates on the same calendar screens.   We have also added visualization which allows you to identify high rate periods--both on a monthly and yearly basis, as well as the ability to drag and paste new rates straight onto your calendar.   Read more about Rental Rates Calendar in our Help Center.  
  • Last but not least, we’re very excited to announce the launch of the Tokeet Client API (CAPI).  CAPI is available to our Manager and Unlimited plan customers. You can now build and integrate your internal platforms with Tokeet, allowing for a seamless automation of workflows.  Read about the Tokeet Client API in the API docs 
Thank you for helping to make Tokeet great! We're looking forward to your feedback about these new features to our platform.  As always, email us with your questions or suggestions any time.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Changes are coming to your Triggers.

This weekend, on Sunday July 30th, we will be releasing a few changes to the time-based trigger system. Here is what's going to change.

1. Triggers will be sent every 30 minutes. This will allow you to set your triggers at a 30 minute granularity. Presently the trigger configuration allows hourly granularity, however you can enter fractional numbers, like (0.5), in the hour field.

2. The system default check-in and check-out times will be 10AM check-in, 9AM checkout GMT. Presently it's 10AM and 10AM GMT respectively.

3. You will be able to set the default check-in/out times and timezone on a rental by rental basis. So, you may go into your rental configurations and set your desired defaults for all new bookings. This will give you tighter control over your calendar and triggers. We highly recommend setting your rental defaults if they are different or if your timezone differs significantly from GMT.

4. You will be able to set the check-in and check-out times on  each booking. So if a particular user requires a different check-in they may have it.

5. If a user checks out after 12PM, the checkout day will be considered booked for availability searches on your Tokeet website.

You are not required to update your account, however if you wish to set more granular control on your triggered emails then you can do so after the release on Sunday.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Multi-calendar now on the mobile app

We're rolling out a new release of our mobile app which includes a lot of highly requested features. The most exciting of which is the new multi-calendar view on mobile. We've recreated the multi-calendar from the Tokeet web application for the mobile device, and it's great. This view also includes viewing past bookings, which was just also released on the web last week, and availability searching. The Android version should be available today on the PlayStore while the iOS version will be released later once approved by Apple.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tokeet Guest Portal

We're excited to announce the beta release of the new Tokeet Guest Portal. The guest portal is your opportunity to offer a 5 star experience to your guests with a customized guide of your rental and city. It provides a guidebook platform for you to share critical information about your rental with your guests, and offer recommendations for their stay.

Even more, the guest portal also allows guests to view their booking details, pay their invoices, and communicate directly to you. We have re-imagined the guest portal to be more flexible and user friendly than before. You may now embed a link to the guest portal directly in your email templates using the data dictionary. This way your guests can receive a link to their unique guest portal right when they book if you use Tokeet Triggers. You may also send a link to the guest portal directly from the booking details page. Your guests no longer need to login to view their portal as each link provides unique and secure access to the customized portal information.

The new Tokeet Guest Portal offers many customization options including custom domains, instructions per rental, custom pages for recommendations, google analytics and mixpanel tracking, and also the ability to customize the look and feel using CSS.

The new Tokeet Guest Portal is also built mobile first so the user experience on mobile devices is flawless. The desktop experience is great too.
As a reference, here is a link to a guest portal to give you an idea of what's possible.a 5 star experience to all your guests


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Improving Calendars

We've been hard at work improving the usability of Tokeet. Many of our usability improvements are small and get implemented without announcement, but today we happy to announce some great improvements to our standard and multi calendars. These improvements came directly from requests made by our users. Keep the feedback coming, we love it.

First, you can now go back 6 months in the past on the multi-calendar. We know many of you have been frustrated by the fact that the multi-calendar did not allow you to view past bookings. We heard you and we've made an update to the custom widget powering the calendar. The previous restriction was placed so that the calendar, which renders thousands of bookings for some users, can load quickly. However, we've found a way to keep the relatively quick load time of the calendar while still allowing views into the past.

Second, we've improved the load time and usability of the standard calendar for users with many rentals and bookings. Previously the standard calendar would take forever to load if you had a lot, thousands, of bookings. Now the calendar loads quickly regardless of how many bookings you have. To accomplish this, the standard calendar only loads a maximum of 200 bookings per month. If you need to see the bookings of a specific rental then you may select that rental from the rental filter list. The calendar will then load bookings for that rental only with a maximum of 200 per month. You may also select multiple rentals if you wish. By lazy loading the rental data we allow users with many rentals to get into the calendar quickly and find the bookings they need to view easily.

We hope you like these improvements. Tell us what you think.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Saved Filters

Ever performed a search or filter on one page, left the page, then returned only to have to perform the same search or filter again? We have, and yes it's annoying. Today we're happy to announce a feature which will eliminate this issue.

Tokeet will now save all searches and filters on almost every page. When you perform a search or filter on your inbox, navigate off to the booking detail then come back, your filter selections will still be there. Even if you log out of Tokeet then sign back into the same browser tab your searches will still be there. The same goes for almost every page where search/filter exists.

We hope this will make your lives easier and make Tokeet a bit more user friendly.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Advanced Inbox

We love spending time analyzing how users interact with Tokeet, and trying to put ourselves in the mind of the user. We gather every bit of information we can about user interactions and navigation paths. With this information we try to formulate new ways to make Tokeet even more user friendly. This was the genesis of our new inbox, which we hope will increase your productivity for the majority of use cases.

The Advanced Inbox condenses a number of different pages into one seamless experience for quicker utilization. You can quickly view and send messages, view and update booking details, and update guest details all from one screen. No more navigating around to get things done.

You can get to the Advanced Inbox by going to your current inquiries inbox and clicking the yellow Action button, then selecting Advanced Inbox. If you like the new inbox then you may make it your default by selecting the Default Inbox option above the inquiries list on the Advanced Inbox page.

We would love your feedback on this new inbox so let us know if it makes your life easier and how.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Owner Statements & Invoices

Many clients across the globe have asked us for more features to help them better manage their owners. For those agencies that manage properties for property owners, communicating with property owners and letting them know how their properties are performing consume a tremendous amount of time. Well, we heard you loud and clear and are excited to announce improved owner management features.

You can now create owner statements and owner invoices directly within Tokeet. Also, using the newly released Payout Rules, you can create payout formulas for each booking you receive. These formulas get automatically applied when creating a new invoice or statement for an owner. So you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and human errors.

A payout rule is an instruction to Tokeet to calculate a specific payout, or payable amount, for each booking. Payout rules apply to bookings which match the rule restrictions. So, if you want a different payout amount for different owners, or different channels, or different rentals, etc you may create a rule for each case. Tokeet will then find a matching rule for each booking depending on the bookings rental, owner, or channel when you are creating an invoice or statement for an owner. Owners may also pay their invoices online if you have a connected payment gateway.

You may also now enable or disable any section of the owner's dashboard. So if you don't want your owners to access reports you may simply disable it. Owners also have a customized view of their bookings and revenue each month, however you may also disable this new view if you like.

Our newly upgraded owners module will shave hours off your workload each month and help you scale your business effortlessly.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Multi-rental website templates

We're excited to announce the release of our multi-rental templates for the Tokeet Website Builder. Now, you may create a website with all of your rentals, whether you have a single rental or thousands. All of our templates have been updated to allow for multiple rentals. We've also redesigned the website builder dashboard to make it easier to use. Some of the key new features are:
  • A new rental selection table that makes assigning rentals to your website easier.
  • A new wysiwyg web page editor for your custom web pages which allows you to embed images, video, tables, and much more. It also has a cool fullscreen mode.
  • A website image library for saving images specific to your website. You can also set a main website image and favicon.
  • Google Analytics and Mixpanel tracking built into every site. Simply enter your analytics IDs into the dashboard.
  • Turn on and off any section of the web site with one click.
  • Embed custom CSS, and Javascipt via raw code or library URLs. This powerful feature allows you to customize any part of the website using your own style sheets.
We're truly excited about this update to our website builder, which is the first in a series of updates we will be making to this product. Stay tuned for online bookings coming in a few weeks.

Here's a mock website I created in about 10 minutes.

Welcome to the Tokeet changelog. This blog will be used to communicate any and all changes, bug fixes, and new feature releases made to Tokeet's web and mobile applications.