Saturday, 21 January 2017

Account Error Log

Tokeet is growing, YES! However this means we are spending more time helping our customers with issues which may arise. It is critical that we are able to scale efficiently during this growth phase while still helping our users and adding awesome new features. The root cause of many of the problems that customers face are normally buried within our log files and we spend a significant amount of time digging them out. These errors typically occur offline when Tokeet is performing some action on your behalf. For example, when syncing your channels, automatically pushing rates, or processing a new booking. These are very important tasks which happen multiple times per second for the average account and we must keep on top of them.

Time spent unearthing these issues is bad for both us and our users. So we were determined to create a solution where our users can easily discover any issues on their own and we can quickly solve complex problems without digging through log files. With this in mind we have added a new feed to the Tokeet web application. The Account Error Log displays all account level errors from Tokeet in an easy to read format. In addition, we will also be sending this feed to your mobile device with the upcoming release of our new mobile application. Please check these logs often so you're immediately aware if anything goes wrong.


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