Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Guest message event

Now you can create triggers that fire when you receive a message from a guest. We've received a number of requests for this and now it's implemented. The added benefit is that the trigger will not fire if a message has a high spam score, so you don't get slammed with spam notifications. If you receive a high number of guest messages then we recommend you not use this feature, but instead use the Message Feed within the mobile and web applications.

New Website Domains

We're happy to announce the release of two new website domains for your Tokeet website. Now users have the additional choice of using .mylettings.me and .shortlettings.net when selecting a free domain for their Tokeet website. We have also changed the default title of your website for better appearance when sharing via Facebook and other social media channels.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Custom rental information

When creating triggers it's often important to include some rental specific information in your message template. This information may be directions to the rental, instructions on using the stove, or some other important information. However, after entering rental specific information, the template is no longer rental agnostic. This requires you to create a unique trigger for each rental and increases the number of triggers to keep track of, and the possibility for error.

To solve this problem we've created five new custom information fields in your rental settings. You can access these fields by clicking the new Custom Information link in the lower lefthand context menu. You can also include your custom information in your message templates using the data dictionary.

We hope this helps streamline your automation setup and decreases the number of required message templates.

Monday, 8 May 2017

No more weekend nights

The weekend rates option in Tokeet has been plagued by problems since the beginning. First, different users have various definitions of the weekend. Some users consider Friday and Saturday night as the weekend, while others prefer Saturday and Sunday night. Then, once we introduced Day Specific Pricing, users became frustrated as their weekend rates stop working whenever they set Day Specific Pricing.

Due to these and other issues we have decided to remove the Weekend Night price option from Tokeet rates. Now, whenever a user needs to set a different rate for weekends, they must use Day Specific Pricing. This simplifies our rates and makes the rate creation process much more straightforward, no more special conditions.

If you have questions please as us at support@tokeet.com. We're happy to help.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Invoice Changes

At Tokeet we are constantly making small changes to improve our usability. In fact, we make about 100 small changes to our front-end and back-end systems per week. Some changes you may notice, others go on recognized by most users. Today we released a few small changes to the Tokeet invoice. Now you may edit your invoice logo, guest details, and account address directly from the invoice. The edit options are located on the main invoice page and you may update the respective information during or after invoice creation. These updates will be immediately visible to your guest even after you've sent your invoice.

Please note that updating the guest information from the invoice will also update the information in your inquiry, however it will not change the guest information of previously sent invoices. When you update the invoice logo this will change all previously sent invoices, including the current one. Also, updating the address will change your company address on all invoices and Tokeet bills.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at support@tokeet.com, we're happy to help.
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