Saturday, 10 June 2017

Multi-rental website templates

We're excited to announce the release of our multi-rental templates for the Tokeet Website Builder. Now, you may create a website with all of your rentals, whether you have a single rental or thousands. All of our templates have been updated to allow for multiple rentals. We've also redesigned the website builder dashboard to make it easier to use. Some of the key new features are:
  • A new rental selection table that makes assigning rentals to your website easier.
  • A new wysiwyg web page editor for your custom web pages which allows you to embed images, video, tables, and much more. It also has a cool fullscreen mode.
  • A website image library for saving images specific to your website. You can also set a main website image and favicon.
  • Google Analytics and Mixpanel tracking built into every site. Simply enter your analytics IDs into the dashboard.
  • Turn on and off any section of the web site with one click.
  • Embed custom CSS, and Javascipt via raw code or library URLs. This powerful feature allows you to customize any part of the website using your own style sheets.
We're truly excited about this update to our website builder, which is the first in a series of updates we will be making to this product. Stay tuned for online bookings coming in a few weeks.

Here's a mock website I created in about 10 minutes.


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