Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tokeet Guest Portal

We're excited to announce the beta release of the new Tokeet Guest Portal. The guest portal is your opportunity to offer a 5 star experience to your guests with a customized guide of your rental and city. It provides a guidebook platform for you to share critical information about your rental with your guests, and offer recommendations for their stay.

Even more, the guest portal also allows guests to view their booking details, pay their invoices, and communicate directly to you. We have re-imagined the guest portal to be more flexible and user friendly than before. You may now embed a link to the guest portal directly in your email templates using the data dictionary. This way your guests can receive a link to their unique guest portal right when they book if you use Tokeet Triggers. You may also send a link to the guest portal directly from the booking details page. Your guests no longer need to login to view their portal as each link provides unique and secure access to the customized portal information.

The new Tokeet Guest Portal offers many customization options including custom domains, instructions per rental, custom pages for recommendations, google analytics and mixpanel tracking, and also the ability to customize the look and feel using CSS.

The new Tokeet Guest Portal is also built mobile first so the user experience on mobile devices is flawless. The desktop experience is great too.
As a reference, here is a link to a guest portal to give you an idea of what's possible.a 5 star experience to all your guests


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  1. Really wish that I could send this more easily to my airbnb guests. The data dictionary token creates hyperlinked text which airbnb messages don't accept!


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