Monday, 9 September 2019

Owner Center Updates | Q3 [2019]

Owner Center Changes - Quarter 3


  • Add ability to turn off a payout rule without having to delete the entire payout rule.
  • Updating Payout rule formula structure:
  • Show name of Payout rules which are being applied to booking: Names of payout rule is now shown in tooltips if user hover over the payout column value.
  • Allow negative amounts in Invoice line items: User can now include negative amount in the invoice
  • Owner Center is accessible on tablet platform
  • Allow property manager to enable OC login for the owner
  • Create the statements / invoice for all the owners in a bulk function
  • Allow owners to change password
  • [Owner Portal->Reports] Add tooltips when you hover over different report types.


  • [Owners] Sort on basis of "Rentals" and "Name" columns not working.
  • [Dashboard] Sort on basis of Owner column not working properly.
  • [Portal] In Payments filter is not working for Failure
  • Rental and Tag filters appearing as Blank.
  • Owner center check in / check out times on booking info popup are incorrect
  • [Payout Rules] Owner name and Channel Name is missing on detail view
  • [Reporting] Bookings that span from one year to the next show up incorrectly on the next year's report
  • [Owner Portal] Owner should be able to scroll forward and backward on Multi Calendar.
  • [Owners->Owner Statements] Options in Rentals dropdown should be sorted.
  • [Owner->Owner Rentals] In case of Euro correct currency symbol doesn't show in Owner Center.
  • [Owner Portal->Statements] Tooltip goes out of screen when you hover over Month dropdown.
  • [Dashboard] "BOOKING REVENUE FOR LAST 14 DAYS" graph has some data display issues
  • [Invoice/Statement] In Printed Mode, show "No Logo" if no logo exists.
  • [Invoice Print] Terms and Conditions and Messages section does not appear all.
  • [Payment] In Activity Log "Failure" status is not working
  • [Statement/Invoices] Status filter is not working properly without screen refresh
  • [Portal] Hold Events are not displaying correctly on Standard calendar
  • Invoice Detail View shows empty rows in OC and 0 Payout/Tax


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