Monday, 9 September 2019

Signature Updates | Q2 - Q3 [2019]

Signature Changes - Quarter 2 to Quarter 3

Q2 Updates

Dashboard view not proper in Portrait mode (iPad)display issue on ipads with the dashboard in portrait mode
Inbox view not proper (iPad)display issue on ipads with the inbox page
Add "Clear all filters" icon to templates and custom codes pages- New Feature: added a button to clear all active filters on a page to the templates and custom codes pages

Q3 Updates

Allow guests to open and submit contracts, forms, and documents from multiple devices/browsers- New Feature: template recipients are no longer restricted to only viewing the signature template in the same browser and device that they first opened it with
Checkboxes revert to 'required' after making them not requiredfields added to a template were reverting to required, even if the user deselected that checkbox
Add random number data tokens in data dictionaryRAND4 and RAND6 were added to the signature data dictionary. these allow 4 and 6-digit randomly generated numbers to be inserted into a template, for security/door locks.
Add driving directions data code to the data dictionary fieldsthe driving directions data code was added to the signature data dictionary


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