Friday, 28 February 2020

Rategenie Updates | January - February [2020]


  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this year, including:

Updated: Check is applied for TV3 rate mappings with auto-sync active, to prevent duplicate rate pushes. Now we show a warning pop up when user tries to turn on listing sync in Rategenie to avoid duplicate rate pushes

Updated: Show a banner above the rates calendar when users are not subscribed to Rategenie. When user subscription is over/past due then we are now showing this banner on top of Rategenie page: You are not currently subscribed to Rategenie. Rates will not push to your channels until you subscribe.

Updated: Added audit trail, whenever a user makes an update to his strategy or linked strategy rules in Rategenie. In strategy activity logs now users will be able to see which rule or strategy type is updated/changed.

Updated: We Added an info box to the Channel Adjustment Rule. Following info box text is added on channel adjustment rule: Channel adjusted rates will never exceed the min or max rate that set in the strategy or rental settings, even if a manual rate is set.

Updated: When a user updates his rental location then we are now showing a red alert icon on the rates calendar page. When user will click on this icon then we will generate rates in Rategenie according to updated location

Updated: We have added different icons like Edit, Remove, Delete throughout the app and also added different strategies type icons in the application.

Updated: When checking the validity of an active subscription we have implemented a grace period. We have implemented a 24 hour grace period, in order to prevent unnecessary service outages on the day of subscription renewal.

Fixed: Fixed the navigation issue for different browser zoom size. Users were facing issues while navigating to month and year filter

Fixed: Non percentage adjustment fields were displaying maximum value is 300% error. This has been corrected to display this error message only in case of percentage adjustment fields

Fixed: Editing Min night rule from mobile app was causing problems on Rategenie web app. We Fixed the UI issue and also fix the min night was not showing on rates breakdown

Fixed: Manual rates start and end dates are displaying incorrectly. Fixed the time zone issue that was causing manual rate to be applied one month ahead

Fixed: Rategenie does was loading data when a user has a rental name with all numbers. Fix the issue where Rategenie was not loading properly whenever there was a rental with name as full numeric values

Fixed: Airbnb API (NEW) label is removed throughout the app and change it to Airbnb API.

Fixed: Turning ON/OFF sync buttons in Rategenie while using Drag and Drop were causing some issues. Dragging the sync toggle was not getting ON and OFF. This is fixed now

Fixed: Strategy created text for different types of strategies is updated. Strategy type was not showing the proper name. It's fixed now.

Fixed: Rental Events were showing as duplicate.Now duplicate public holidays events are removed

Fixed: Reducing the screen size was causing spinner to keep rotating on the rates calendar page. The Rate calendar was not showing rates with less than 90% zoom size. It's fixed now.

Fixed: Zero percentage adjustment on manual rate was causing problems. Zero percentage adjustment was not visible on rates breakdown and also it was showing blank value on the manual rates table. It's fixed now

Fixed: On Rates calendar page while applying rental filter: selection of rental was moving the scroll on top again. It's fixed to stay in the selected rental section.

Fixed: Adding a new rule was displaying the type as rental in the strategy activity logs and not as a rule. It's fixed now.

Fixed: Update the error message when entering negative values. Following error message will be displayed now where negative values are not allowed: Only positive integers allowed.

Fix: Terms of Service URL were outdated. It’s fixed now to show the latest Terms of Services.

Fix: Privacy Policy URL was outdated. It’s fixed now to show the latest Terms of Services.

Fix: We have reduced the rental name display length to a certain level so that UI is not disturbed.

Automata Updates | January - February [2020]


  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this year, including:

Updated: The send to guest option was removed from rate events. This is because there is no reason to send a guest a rates notification.

Updated: The data token |GUEST:WIFE| has been updated in the data dictionary to |GUEST:SPOUSE|. users with templates that still say |GUEST:WIFE| will be unaffected. Both WIFE and SPOUSE data tokens will parse the same thing into the outgoing message.

Updated: Users can now filter triggers on the Triggers page by action performed.

Updated: Saving a custom code with a name that has only numbers was creating issues for some users. We will no longer allow names that are only numbers.

Updated: We added the user role underneath their name in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

Updated: Users will now be able to set conditions on a trigger before saving. As long as all required fields in the trigger details have been completed, the trigger conditions will become available to be added. This will allow users to create triggers for multiple rentals at once, and have all of them share the same trigger conditions.

Updated: The trigger condition section now appears once all of the required fields are completed in the trigger details. The user no longer has to click the Save button to see this section appear. This should be more intuitive.

Updated: When archiving an active trigger, a pop-up now appears asking the user if they want to disable the trigger before archiving. This will prevent the confusion of archived triggers firing for some users.

Fixed: New templates were automatically replacing existing templates on triggers.

Fixed: When duplicating workflows, the triggers in the new workflow were not copying the channel filter selection.

Fixed: When selecting the action Send Signature Form, the template selector was just 10 forms, instead of all forms if the user had more than 10. This has been corrected.

Signature Updates | January - February [2020]


  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this year, including:

Updated: The photo ID request popup will not appear when the guest clicks the Submit button. This allows the guest to review and complete the contract, prior to the photo ID being submitted. now, both contract and photo ID will be submitted at the same time, when the guest clicks the Submit button.

Updated: Users can now download a PDF of the original file they uploaded. This is done on the Templates page, by clicking the Edit button and selecting Download. Only PDF format will be supported for downloads.

Updated: The user role now shows under the profile name in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

Fixed: Data tokens were parsing into the completed templates out of alignment, making text hard to read and/or messy-looking.

Fixed: There was a blue square appearing around the close icon on the My Signature modal.

Fixed: Property owners were receiving 2 copies of the signed contract.

Fixed: When sending a template manually, the inquiry selector was showing the email address incorrectly. The "." in .com was converted into "%2E".

Fixed: Template recipients were not able to type anything into the textbox in the template.

Fixed: Users were able to create templates that did not have required fields, allowing guests to submit empty contracts with no fields completed. This has been fixed, so the correction for any further affected users will be to re-save the templates, making sure the important fields like the signature field are marked as required. The signature field will be marked as required by default now.

Fixed: The location information on a completed contract was sometimes showing the wrong location. This will now correctly show the location where the IP address of the recipient is registered. In my case, while i live in Krabi, Thailand, my location shows as Bangkok, Thailand, where my ISP has registered the IP range.

Fixed: In the change password modal, the top field was being highlighted, which wasn't correct behavior.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

2020 Pricing Announcement

Thank you for using Tokeet!

As you might have noticed we’ve been very busy here at Tokeet. In 2019 we completed some of the most ambitious projects in our history and successfully launched Rategenie, Tokeet v3, Owner Center, and Margins. We spent a lot of time speaking with and listening to you, our customers, taking your feedback and direction to heart, and produced solutions to help you grow your business. We are pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we have received for each of these products and thank you for being a part of the process. There is a lot more to come in 2020.

Our Prices Are Changing

On March 1st, 2020 we will be transitioning to a new pricing structure for Tokeet (TV3). In short, our prices will be increasing about 30% on average for your Tokeet subscription. It’s been about 3 years since we last changed Tokeet’s prices and a lot has changed since then. After many weeks of consideration, we think the time is now right to update our prices to be inline with our current products and services.

Our other products (Add Ons) will not be affected by this pricing change. Those products will have their own pricing adjustments made later this year, if any. At this time no decision has been made yet about these products. The pricing adjustment of March 1st will only affect your Tokeet subscription.

Keep Your Current Plan

As with our last pricing change in 2017, we are giving all of our users the opportunity to keep their existing price plans for one year. We’ll throw in a 10% discount with each yearly plan. This is our way of thanking you for your loyalty, and being a part of our journey. You will even be able to switch between yearly plans, if your needs change within the year. 

The process for keeping your current plan is simple.
  1. Let us know if you want to keep your plan via email or live chat.
  2. We will send you a one year contract via email which you must sign.
  3. Once your contract is signed we will switch you to the new one year plan.
  4. You will be charged for the entire year upfront!

Thanks again for being a Tokeet user.
Team Tokeet
Welcome to the Tokeet changelog. This blog will be used to communicate any and all changes, bug fixes, and new feature releases made to Tokeet's web and mobile applications.