Friday, 20 March 2020

Rategenie Mobile Updates | March 20th [2020]


  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes since the last update, including:

UpdatedWe have introduced fingerprint login. Now you can login using your fingerprint without entering a username and password each time.
  1. Login with your account.
  2. The Biometrics login splash screen will be shown once. It won’t be shown again after you press the cancel or enable button. 
  3. Press Enable Biometrics login button and verify your fingerprint. You can go back to this screen later to enable/disable biometrics login by going to the Sidebar menu -> Settings -> Biometrics Login
  4. There is a checkbox shown after you enable biometrics login: Verify <Touch ID | Face ID | Biometrics> on app start?, if you check this checkbox, each time the app opens it will require biometrics verification.
  5. Next logout. Now on the Login screen, you should see a button with the fingerprint icon next to the Login button. Press on it.
  6. If you have a single account with biometrics login enabled, it will prompt you for fingerprint scan immediately.
  7. If you have many accounts with biometrics login enabled, it will show a popup with a list of accounts. Select 1 account to login.

UpdatedWe have Implemented a Check for TV3 rate mappings with auto-sync active, to prevent duplicate rate pushes.

UpdatedWe have added a Sorting option throughout the app on all list views.

UpdatedWe have removed the label “Airbnb API (NEW)” throughout the app and change it to "Airbnb API".

UpdatedWe have Implemented Live chat for Mobile app as well. Now you will be able to contact support through the mobile appl.

UpdatedFor cancelled subscriptions and past due status, we have implemented the banner on all pages to inform users that they need to subscribe to Rategenie.

UpdatedWe have replaced the hamburger icon with the Rategenie logo to open the sidebar within the app.

UpdatedWe have restricted the min night value to 365 nights on the mobile app, to match the same restriction on the web app.

Fixed: Edit button was not appearing when rental names were very long.

Fixed: Rental name was not showing in the list view of Rentals when the rental name was all numerals.


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