We’ve partnered with Opiniion!

Better understand your guests’ satisfaction through frequent resident feedback, online review generation and intuitive surveys. 

Opinion is the #1 Resident Satisfaction Platform that helps you to know what is going well, and to identify and resolve issues in real time.

Streamline the process in which property managers collect, analyze, publicize, and act on resident feedback, to make life easy and provide powerful direction to help create a better resident experience.

Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Opiniion.

Check-in Scan is our latest Partner!

Have your guest ID registration sent to the police and get the signed "Registry Form" in an easy, fast and secure way to comply with the legal requirements. 

Check-in Scan is an award-winning app that can scan guest ID’s and collect their signature from your device allowing you to simplify guest check-in. 

With this integration guests can self check-in, guest registry info is available 24/7 via the cloud and their data is instantly sent to the authorities in Spain & Portugal.

Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Check-in Scan.

We're integrated with Beyond!

Take the guesswork out of pricing with Beyond

Beyond is a complete revenue management solution for short-term rental managers and owners to get, grow, and keep revenue. 

The easy-to-use platform includes a dynamic, demand-driven pricing tool with extensive market data that pairs with OTA distribution and a best-in-class booking engine. 

On average, Beyond partners see about 10-40% increases in booking revenue in their first year, and we have helped thousands of property managers and property owners maximize their revenue.

Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Beyond.

We’re now a partner with Doinn!

How would you like to get your rental property ready for the next guest, without all the work involved?

Doinn brings local accommodation owners or managers in touch with the best cleaning and laundry services. 

Have confidence knowing you have cleaners you can trust with 0% no-shows. Dionn provides quality Cleaning, Laundry, and Linen Rentals with just 1 click.

Automatically schedule the services you need without wasting any more time managing your properties.

Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Dionn.

Rentals United is our newest API channel!

How would you like to list your rentals to 60+ first-class global and niche listing sites? Rentals United is an award-winning channel manager that aims to make it easier for professional property managers to grow their short-term rental business. 

Rentals United is trusted by 60% of the world’s top property management companies!

Apart from channel management, you also benefit from guest communication, guest planner and a quality checker features. 

Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Rentals United.

Changes coming to Inquiry Data Feed

To better facilitate our customers we will be updating our inquiry data feed to include additional information. The following additional information will be available with inquiry data feeds

  1. Guest secondary email
  2. Guest phone
  3. Guest address
  4. Number of nights

Also, we have removed the below filter and replaced it with the Status dropdown. Now you can download confirmed bookings, cancellations, and inquiries using the Status filter.

The purpose of this post is to make you aware of this change so that you can modify your workflows when the change goes live on Dec 01, 2022.

New Rategenie Integration with Beds24! 🎉

We are now integrated with Beds24!

Multi-award-winning channel manager, PMS, booking engine and payment collection - Beds24 is one of the most cost-effective, powerful, reliable and flexible all-in-one-solution which simplifies workflows and automates tasks. 

Rategenie is now integrated with Beds 24 and is able to generate rates for this PMS. Beds24 users can use these rates for their bookings and rentals by connecting with Rategenie and syncing rates.

To get started click here or check out our blog for more information on Beds 24.

New Rategenie Integration with Uplisting!

We’re pleased to introduce our integration with Uplisting!

Uplisting manages short-term rentals & bookings, message guests, take payment, and so much more. All in one easy-to-use platform (that never double-books).

With this new integration, Rategenie will send rates and minimum stay requirements for two years to your Uplisting rentals!

Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Uplisting.

New Rategenie Integration with Booking Automation!

Rategenie is now integrated with Booking Automation!

Booking Automation is a channel and property management software that helps businesses manage front desk, housekeeping, online booking, and payment processing operations across multiple properties. Sync with all major channels including Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and HomeAway.

On Booking Automation, you can automate your calendar, communication, prices, and payment collection. You are also able to have our own direct booking website and integrate with other tools.

Rategenie is now integrated with Booking Automation and is able to generate rates for this PMS. Booking Automation users can use these rates for their bookings and rentals by connecting with Rategenie and syncing rates and minimum stay requirements for two years.

To get started click here or check out our blog for more information on Booking Automation.

TV3 UPDATES | September 01 - September 30 2022

In the month of September, we made some updates to the application to improve functionality and UI/UX along with fixing bugs. Below is a quick overview of these updates 

Updated: [Rentals] We have added the following Amenities in the Rentals module

  1. Fridge
  2. Bath
  3. Shower
  4. Washing Machine
  5. Coffee Maker
  6. Baby Cot
  7. High Chair
  8. Smoke Alarms
  9. Dedicated Workspace
  10. Microwave
  11. Outdoor Dining Area
  12. Lift

Updated: [Rentals] We have implemented a feature request where COPY TERMS button will allow you to copy Check-In Instructions, Check-Out Instructions, Directions, House Rules, and Special Instructions along with Payment Terms and Payment Instructions

Updated: [Booking Formula] Ability to select date period for a Booking Formula

Updated: [Rental Amenities] Add Tooltips for channel icons

Updated: [Hold Events] Added Created by column in Hold Events list

Updated: [Data Feeds] Add a check-box option to select the base/nightly rate instead of the total cost when downloading data feeds

Updated: [Data Feeds] Ability to filter inquiry data on basis of Source

Updated: [Rentals] Allow mass deletion of images from rentals

Updated: [Vrbo] Include timestamps for Availability Pull, Availability Push, and Rate Push

Fixed: [Invoice Rules] Sorting on Last Triggered is not working correctly

Fixed: [Inquiries/Bookings] User shouldn't be able to set negative nights while updating a booking

Fixed: [Registration] On Registration step 3, users can skip to step 4 even if they don't enter the phone number

Fixed: [LOS Discount] Remove the option to select Airbnb from production

Fixed: [Payment Rules] Channel Column does not display the correct value

Fixed: [Invoice Templates] In Invoice templates, the screen freezes after clicking on "Set Cost Formula"

Fixed: [Rates] We have fixed an issue where a strange rate mapping was showing under the Rate Mappings tab

Fixed: [Billing Info] We have fixed an issue to show Rategenie price up to 2 decimal places

Fixed: [Interstitial Widget] We have provided the ability to filter results on the basis of guest count

Fixed: [Interstitial Widget]  Filter rentals from Results when maximum guests value is exceeded in search criteria

Fixed: [Airbnb] Typo of "posting" as "postig"

Fixed: [Invoices] We have fixed an issue where the browser gets stuck when accessing newly created auto invoice

Fixed: [Invoices] We have fixed an issue where the correct currency symbol wasn't showing with newly created auto invoices if it is other than $

Fixed:  [Vrbo] Vrbo booking status is showing as paid

Fixed: [Vrbo API] Availability Push to Vrbo is failing in case of overlapping hold events

Fixed: [Vrbo] VRBO bookings are importing with the wrong timestamps for the guest_arrive and guest_depart fields

Fixed: [HVMI] Rentals doesn't show at step 2 of the connection

Fixed: [Airbnb] Airbnb import property feature is returning a 500 internal server error when there are asterisks in the property name

Fixed: [Holidu] Fees display wrongs for Holidu bookings

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