TV3 UPDATES | Oct 09 - 13, 2023

Bug Fixes:

Booking Cancellation should not remove tags

[] Property Disappears after some time

[Agoda] Day Specific Prices are not pushed to Agoda when we have a dynamic rate

[Agoda] Error message display while pushing rates to Agoda

Reviews Templates

Team unsubscription

Owners is not able to view Rental

BDC Message Failure

[Vrbo] Add logs for listing info (xml) which shows what is missing when they are pulling out the listing

[Agoda] Day Specific Prices are not pushed to Agoda when we have a dynamic rate

New Features:

Auto responder trigger

Trigger Scenario 


TV3 UPDATES | Oct 02 - 06, 2023

Bug Fixes:

POST requests with integer limit fails

Additional Guest Fee not appearing in Inbox

[Payments] Amount shouldn't go out of the box

When sending a message from TV3, email that gets sent to the guest has an empty attachment

Error while saving 2 way Sync

Error while saving Booking Preferences

[Templates] Details of Custom Branding template doesn't display

Airbnb Opportunities does not show list of all Rentals

[Channels->API] ACTIONS button shouldn't display till channel is not connected.

Checkout and Checkin Time is not getting updated

Checkout times are not Imported to tokeet from Airbnb for all rentals

Annual Plan User is shown Per Month

Unable to create Listing for Airbnb in Tokeet

New Features:

Add Damage Deposit in list of Booking Fee

[Inquiries -> Opportunities] Add drop down for Accounts on frontend

TV3 UPDATES | Sep 25 - 29, 2023

Bug Fixes:

[Inquiries] When I book an inquiry, dates on the Calendar doesn't block till I don't close the overlay

Booking color is getting removed

Airbnb Listing Creation is not working for a specific user

[Invoice] Wrong Fee is getting displayed

Inquiries are getting marked as Paid

iCAL imports are coming as undefined

Turbosuite is our newest partner!

🚀 Introducing Turbosuite: Revolutionizing Revenue Management 🚀

Are you ready to take your revenue management to the next level? Say hello to Turbosuite! 

Who is Turbosuite?

They are the pioneers of revenue management, bringing together the power of big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and an expert revenue management team to help you maximize profitability.

What Turbosuite Offers:

Dynamic Pricing Tool: Their cutting-edge tool calculates smart prices using city data, demand elasticity, seasonality, occupancy, gap days, and cost analysis. Plus, enjoy the convenience of bulk editing functionality!

Booking Analyzer: Dive deep into customer behavior with their Booking Analyzer. Gain insights into ADR (Average Daily Rate), Revenue, Room Nights, and booking numbers like never before.

Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information.

Introducing Airbnb 2 way sync

We’ve made some updates to the Airbnb API in Tokeet that allow for greater flexibility and visibility for your listings.

No longer will you be restricted from making updates to your listing content and pricing while connected to Tokeet. Our 2-way API sync allows you to make adjustments to your listing directly on Airbnb and have it instantly updated in Tokeet.

For more information on these updates, please see our blog here.

We've integrated with Alertify!

We're pleased to announce our partnership with Alertify!

They're revolutionizing the way we manage properties with Smart Room Monitoring Solutions. Here's what they bring to the table:

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts for noise, smoking, and occupancy violations.
  • Incident reports that settle disputes.
  • Direct guest communication through GuestAlert.
  • A backup battery for uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Instant identification of guests during violations.

Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Alertify.

TV3 UPDATES | Sep 11 - 15, 2023

Bug Fixes:

[Airbnb Booking Cancellation] User should see the same dialogue for booking cancellation in Inbox view

[Interstitial Widget] Change "Enquiry" to Inquiry for consistency across the app

[Forgot Password] RESET PASSWORD button doesn't enable when I fill in the fields

Billing Info does not show correct value

[Guests] Remove "Notes" column while importing guests via vCard

When user tries to edit guest name, it displays wrong details

[Inquiries] Multiple tooltips display when user hover over app icon.

[Multi Calendar] Clear Selections buttons

VRBO invoice is not getting marked as paid

New Features:

VRBO Registration Number

Update message for Owner/HouseStaff/Read only roles

[GVR] Add ability to provide custom display name for the landing page

Unlink Selected

VRBO: Refundable Damage Fee

[GVR] Show the property link in the connection details

Introducing our integration with Operto

Are you ready to take your vacation rental or hotel to the next level? Meet Operto, your partner in property automation! 🏨✨

Operto offers a range of cutting-edge solutions to boost your revenue and save you valuable time. Here's what you need to know:

🔹 Operto Tech: Revolutionize your property with smart locks, thermostats, sensors, and more. Create unforgettable guest experiences while increasing efficiency and revenue. 

🔹 Operto Guest: Our web-based app streamlines property management tasks:

  • Seamlessly import and manage guest reservations.
  • Control smart locks, thermostats, and noise monitoring per room.
  • Keep guests informed with messaging.
  • Receive property-wide device and guest alerts.

🔹 Operto Teams: Say goodbye to missed cleanings and inspections. Save hours on scheduling, billing, and payroll. 

All of these amazing products come with Operto Connect, a centralized dashboard for all your operations. 

Why choose Operto? Because they combine top-notch IoT hardware with user-friendly software to create unforgettable guest experiences while boosting your ROI. 🚀

Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Operto

We've launched a new Power Reporting tool!

Exciting News Alert! Introducing Power Reporting, the latest addition to the Tokeet suite – Your Ultimate Vacation Rental Insights Tool. Unlock the power of data, streamline your business, and gain valuable insights with detailed reports and automated accounting. Try it FREE for 14 days through the App Store!

TV3 UPDATES | Sep 04 - 08, 2023

Bug Fixes:

When you select Add-ons -> Websites and Widgets, you get logged out. 

[GVR] Pending status should appear in list view and Connection page

[Appstore] Power reporting pricing  amount conflict

New Features:

[Inquiries] Add an indicator if a message is sent from an external application e.g. Duve or Charge Automation

Add Power Reporting tool in TV3 Billing Info

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