Ever wanted to make changes to your booking form to influence your guest experience during the booking process? The new Booking Form Settings allow you to customize the booking form to have a more unique look and feel, while also allowing you to show and hide fields and choose formatting options.

We’ve also included Booking Form Presets which are predefined booking form templates. You can simply select one and use it as is, or tweak the settings a bit to suit you better. Adjust the Booking Form Settings to finetune the layout & booking steps, colours, input options and much more.

For more information on the Webready Upsells, check out our help article or watch our YouTube video.

Webready Updates | May 19, 2021

We have made a number of updates and bug fixes, including: 

Fix: [Invoicing] "Total paid invoices this year" showed the wrong value
Update: [Booking Details] Update Nights Count to 0 in case of one-day inquiry which comes from Contact form
Fix: [eDocuments] Sorting on description column is not working
Fix: [eDocuments] Buttons are not available

Webready Updates | April 7, 2021

We have made a number of updates and bug fixes, including: 

  • Fix: [Rentals] Users can't use the same email for each rental
  • Update: [Rentals] Change archived to just a filter
  • Update: Features Restriction on Free Plan
  • Update: [Website Guests Search] Increase the search amount
  • Fix: [Rentals] Unable to save Check-in & Check-out Time
  • Fix: [Websites] Guest Count is wrong
  • Fix: [Rental Details] User is unable to open the detailed information tab  



Generating invoices and getting paid for your website bookings has never been easier. Not to mention you can schedule when your invoices should be sent automatically!

Webready Invoicing is an incredibly useful tool that will save you the time and hassle of creating and sending invoices for each booking. Your nightly cost, fees and discounts will all be automatically populated in an invoice template for you, which you can customize further.

Quickly create invoice templates that can be used for multiple invoice rules. Your invoice rules let you specify whether you will automatically charge the guest, send them the invoice or mark the invoice as paid, based on the booking event or timeline you choose.

Once you’ve set this up you can just sit back and have your payments handled for you!

Webready Updates | March 8, 2021

We have made a number of updates and bug fixes, including: 

  • Update:  [Account Info] Add Currency Field.
  • Fix: [ABB Connector] Disconnection should remove all the rentals.
  • Update: [Check out Page] Need to show the terms and Conditions of rental on the Check out page.
  • Update: [Inquiry Forms] Min & Max Stay validations should be visible on the Date Pickers.
  • Update: [Account Info] Add the "Reports" link which will take the user to Margins.
  • Update: [Channel Manager] User should be redirected to TV3 in case of Paid Tokeet subscription.
  • Update: [Rentals] Add EGP - Egyptian Pound as a currency in WR.
  • Update: [Side Menu] Change the name "Margins" to "Reports".

Webready Updates | March 2, 2021

We have made a number of updates and bug fixes, including: 

  • Fix: Mobile-specific pricing page is wrong
  • Update: [Support] Request to change country "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" to "United Kingdom" in the dropdown list.
  • Fix: [Blacksand Template] User cannot update header text.
  • Fix: [Contact Us] Wrong Rental is selected in the Inquiry.


One of our primary goals was to provide Airbnb hosts with beautiful websites for their listings, allowing them to get more direct bookings and pay less booking fees. You can do just that with the Airbnb Connector!

With the Webready Airbnb Connector you will be able to link your Airbnb account to your website, exposing your rentals to a wider audience of potential guests and resulting in more bookings!

Easily manage the bookings from your website and Airbnb in one location. Your availability is automatically synced between the two whenever you receive a new booking and you can even manage your rates directly within Webready!


Webready Automations is the first of many exciting additional apps that we will be releasing for Webready.

The goal of Webready Automations is to seamlessly automate communication to your guests and staff, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your vacation rental business.

Setting up your automations is as easy as creating your message templates, choosing the event for them to be sent and selecting your recipients.

Webready Updates | February 16, 2021

We have made a number of updates and bug fixes, including: 

  • Update: Allow the user to completely change a website language.
  • Fix: [ABB Connector] Country of the imported listing is empty.
  • Update: [Websites] Veryvine Template - Navbar submenu active link color.
  • Fix: [Invoicing] Invoice Currency is wrong.
  • Fix: [Invoicing] User should be allowed to create an invoice from the Invoicing page. 
  • Update: [Captcha] Add Webready Captcha Help Article & Walkthrough Video.
  • Fix: Videos should only pop up once.
  • Fix: [Veryvine] Settings button is not working.
  • Update: [Website Editor] Add a learn more link.
  • Update: [Websites] Add an option to turn off the contact info.
  • Update: (Websites) Add "Delete" option.
  • Update: [Support] Update Contact Us Form.
  • Fix: [Dashboard] UI is disturbed on iPad.
  • Update: Update the in-app pricing pages.
  • Fix: [Billing Info] UI disturbs when a user has multiple subscriptions.


  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes so far this year, including:

Updated: Allow the user to hide a page component directly from the component on the page.

Updated: Add an ability to hide the Rental Header.

Updated: [Websites] User should be able to create a new page for each rental. 

Updated: [Peal] Single Rental Gallery Section component added.

Updated: [Websites] Allow selecting Rental as Menu Item.

Fixed: [Booking Engine] - The confirmation page should display a checkmark icon and not an info icon.

Fixed: [Support] Calendar availability not updating.

Fixed: Website Editor - Allow users to adjust the height of the page header.

Fixed: Website Editor- Allow the user to remove Sections on the booking page.

Fixed: Calendar Availability- Change the way we show dates that are booked.

Fixed: Booking Engine- Update the design for Check out Page.

Fixed: [Support] Add the ability to "No Rentals Available" change message.

Fixed: Telephone numbers need to be allowed as links.

Fixed: [Editor] Gallery Component image is not loading.

Fixed: [Websites] Add an option to turn off the "From Price".

Fixed: [Support] Implement to show pricing info in the Inquiry Form.

Fixed: Remove SSL and Digicert images from the booking engine.

Fixed: Makes text with dynamic content editable.

Fixed: [Pearl template] Booking Widget is not working.
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