Rategenie Updates | April 1, 2022

We have made the following changes:

Updated: Additional fields (Linen Fee, Resort Fee, Management Fee, Community Fee) for Airbnb Price settings are added to Rategenie as well. Those fields were previously available in TV3 only. Now you can also set it from within the Rategenie application.

Rategenie Updates | March 21, 2022

We have made few changes to Rategenie in this week and we want to update you.

 Updated: We have added the Modality drop down for Length of stay (LOS) discount.  With this functionality, users will be able to provide LOS discount on Per night basis as well. Previously LOS was only applicable to Per stay basis.

Fixed: In some cases, Gap night rule was getting applied on the Booking date as well. This has been corrected now and it will only apply on the actual gaps between the bookings and not on the Booking date itself.

Rategenie Updates | March 3, 2022

Major update made to our Rategenie's Day Specific Rule

We have added a month selection option under day specific rule and users now can create multiple (max 12 day specific rule , one for each month) day specific rule to have their rates structure like below:

Dec- Jan- set weekday rates that differ from the weekend rates
Feb & Nov- set weekday rates that differ from the weekend rates
March - Oct- set weekday rates that differ from the weekend rates

The existing users do not need to make any change to the previously setup Day specific rule, with that said our new Day specific rule give you more flexibility to control your rental rates on per day basis alongside give you control to specify the certain months where you would like your rates to be changed/updated on week day and weekends.

Once this Day specific rule is setup, this will keep repeating itself for coming years a head. So you don't have to setup individually for each single year.
Our help article is updated to cover up these new changes.


TOKEET UPDATES | February 01 - February 28 2022

We have made some updates in the application to improve functionality & UI/UX along with fixing bugs. Below is a quick overview of these updates  

Updated: We have provided the facility to add rental specific Booking Formulas

Updated: We have provided the facility to download all emails (both primary & secondary) in the guest data feed

Updated: We have made an update to save invoice logos in Cloudinary instead of File Cabinet

Updated: We have updated the design of the left menu on the Channels page 

Updated: For users on the Trial and Fee plan we have added a tooltip on the Integrations page (MailChimp, Slack, Dropbox, and Wheelhouse) when they hover over CONNECT button

Updated: We have added the HelpDocs library and utilizing it for showing documentation in popups

Updated: We have made a few updates to the Tokeet website e.g. added the Marriott logo on the Channel Manager page and also updated a few integrations on the Integrations page

Updated: We have updated the tooltip in Push Rates & Availability popup to the following

Please create rate mappings for this property within Tokeet. Rate mappings added in Rategenie will not be considered

Updated: We have updated the info icon in the following modules

Users, Rates, Payments, Data Feeds, and Stealth

Updated: On the Integrations page within the app if a user is on Trial  we have disabled the CONNECT button for Partner API connected apps

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the Edit Additional Guests popup wasn't showing when the user clicks on it in inquiry details

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where Tokeet emails are failing DKIM and SPF authentication

Fixed: We have fixed an issue with the REFRESH button in the Channels module where when we click on the button it moves the connections to Pending status

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where widgets are not loading

Fixed: We have fixed issues caused by Airbnb 64 bit Room ID

Fixed: We have fixed a few bugs related to Quotes

Fixed: We have fixed a few crashes related to the mobile applications and deployed latest Android and iOS build to Google Play and App Store  

Get all Emails via Guest Data Feed

We have updated the Guest data feed to include all guest emails in the CSV file. The guest emails appear after the primary email as the third column in the Guest data feed CSV. The format of these emails is email1;email2;email3..... The column header label is Emails.

Signature Updates | February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! We have made a number of updates that you’re sure to love this month, including:

Updated: Access contact details directly from the inbox. When viewing a document in the inbox, just click on the contact name to open the contact details.

Updated: Templates can now be sent directly from the contact details page. No need to exit the contact details, just to request a signature.

Updated: The document completed email has been updated to include the rental name in the email subject (only if there is an associated booking), and a list of all signers in the email body. 

Fixed: When sending documents to Booking.com, some email addresses were failing validation incorrectly. This issue has been fixed. Any affected documents can be resent free of charge. Learn more about it here.

Fixed: Non-administrator users were unable to see the Sign Or Send button in the UI. This issue has been fixed.

Rategenie Updates | February 9, 2022

Introducing Rate variance and new Color coding for your Rategenie rates!

We are excited to introduce the Rate Variance and new color scheme for your rental rates. Now you can quickly judge how much your rates are changing each day for each month by looking at your rates calendar. For more details , please click here.

Rategenie Updates | January 19, 2022

We have made a number of updates, including:  

Updated: Rates multi-calendar page: Now you can change the pagination from your rates multi-calendar page- so that you can see up to 100 rental rates per page.

Updated: Rentals List view: Now you can download your selected rentals or all rentals data using export button on the rental list view.

Push Rates and Availability from anywhere within Tokeet

Happy New Year! 🎉

We're excited to announce that you can now push rates and availability for multiple rentals and channels at the same time, from anywhere within the Tokeet platform!

After logging in, simply click on the house icon at the top right of the menu bar, to the left of the notifications bell.

Push All icon


Go to Channels and click on the PUSH ALL RATES & AVAILABILITY button.

Push all rates

Select the channels and their connected listings you wish to update then either push rates or availability.

Push all rates and availability

Give it a try today and let us know what you think!


Team Tokeet

Signature Updates | January 6, 2022

Happy New Year! We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this month, including:

Updated: Multiple files can now be uploaded at once in order to create a template, or use Sign or Send. The uploaded files will be merged together into a single document in the editor, based on a merge order that you can set. Learn more about it here.

Updated: A groups column has been added to the Inbox page, to allow inbox documents to be sorted by their associated groups. To view this column, you will need to first edit the column headers. Learn more about it here.

Updated: An ALL types filter has been added to the Templates page, to match the Inbox page.

Updated: When creating a group with the same name as an existing group, a number will be added to the end to differentiate the new group from the original group.

Updated: Documents can now be added to groups in bulk on the Inbox page, using the Change Group feature found under the Actions button.

Updated: User access controls have been expanded with 2 new options to allow the specified user to view all items on the Templates and/or Inbox pages.

Fixed: Drag-and-drop functionality on the Templates page was not working for some accounts. This issue has been fixed.

Fixed: Filter counts were showing incorrectly depending on the user access settings. This issue has been fixed.

Fixed: Translation errors have been corrected.

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