• We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this year, including:

Fixed: When completing a form, guests were unable to enter any value into text fields. This issue has been fixed.

Fixed: When submitting a completed template, the Terms of Service popup was not displaying correctly. This issue has been fixed.

Fixed: Some users were unable to send templates to guests due to incorrect account information. This issue has been fixed.


  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes for this period, including:

Updated: User names longer than 30 characters will be truncated in the navigation bar, in order to maintain the usability of the navigation bar on mobile devices.

Updated: Some minor changes were made to tooltips on the Edit Template screen, to improve clarity.

Fixed: The message body of the custom message sent with each template was not retaining the formatting shown when saved. This has been fixed now.


  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this year, including:
Updated: The subject and message body for outgoing emails can now be customized for each template. The Edit Template modal now shows an Edit Message button, which will allow you to add your own email subject and body, that will replace the default text sent by Signature. Be sure to click the Save button for the changes to take effect.

Updated: When trying to save a contract or form, there are certain fields that are required in order to make the contract or form template valid. The Save button is disabled until the required fields are placed in the template. There is now a tooltip on the Save button to explain which required fields are missing from the template, in order to provide better guidance when completing the template creation process.

Fixed: *|RENTAL:DIRECTIONS|* & *|RENTAL: WEBSITES|* were not being replaced with the correct values when a Signature template was sent to a recipient using Automata triggers. After the fix, the correct driving directions and website URLs, for the associated rental, are now correctly populating the areas of the template where the data tokens have been inserted.


  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes for this period, including:

Updated: Users can now modify the text that shows when requesting a photo ID. In the Edit Template modal, select Passport, National ID, or both. The text shown to the signer, when requesting the photo ID will specify the selected ID type. Any pre-existing templates that request a photo ID will default to the National ID option.

Updated: To make use of the feature easier to understand, the Assign Inquiry action will always be visible on saved templates in your inbox. This will allow you to change the TV3 inquiry that the contract is assigned to, Previously, this action would only become visible if the assigned inquiry was deleted in TV3.


  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this year, including:

Updated: Zoom controls have been added to the sign template page. This will allow users on both desktop and mobile to have greater control over the view settings of the template, as they complete the required fields.

Updated: A new action has been added in the Inbox, that will allow users to associate a template with a different inquiry than it is currently associated with. This should allow users to continue tracking their templates in the TV3 dashboard, even after inquiries have been deleted and remade.


  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes so far this year, including:
Updated: The photo ID request popup will not appear when the guest clicks the Submit button. This allows the guest to review and complete the contract, prior to the photo ID being submitted. Now, both contract and photo ID will be submitted at the same time, when the guest clicks the Submit button.

Updated: Users can now download a PDF of the original file they uploaded. This is done on the Templates page, by clicking the Edit button and selecting Download. Only PDF format will be supported for downloads.

Updated: The user role now shows under the profile name in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

Fixed: Data tokens were parsing into the completed templates out of alignment, making text hard to read and/or messy-looking.

Fixed: There was a blue square appearing around the close icon on the My Signature modal.

Fixed: Property owners were receiving 2 copies of the signed contract.

Fixed: When sending a template manually, the inquiry selector was showing the email address incorrectly. The "." in .com was converted into "%2E".

Fixed: Template recipients were not able to type anything into the textbox in the template.

Fixed: Users were able to create templates that did not have required fields, allowing guests to submit empty contracts with no fields completed. This has been fixed, so the correction for any further affected users will be to re-save the templates, making sure the important fields like the signature field are marked as required. The signature field will be marked as required by default now.

Fixed: The location information on a completed contract was sometimes showing the wrong location. This will now correctly show the location where the IP address of the recipient is registered. In my case, while I live in Krabi, Thailand, my location shows as Bangkok, Thailand, where my ISP has registered the IP range.

Fixed: In the change password modal, the top field was being highlighted, which wasn't correct behavior.



Dashboard view not showing properly in Portrait mode (iPad)Display issue on ipads with the dashboard in portrait mode
Inbox view not showing properly (iPad)Display issue on ipads with the inbox page
Add "Clear all filters" icon to templates and custom codes pages- New Feature: added a button to clear all active filters on a page to the templates and custom codes pages


Allow guests to open and submit contracts, forms, and documents from multiple devices/browsers- New Feature: template recipients are no longer restricted to only viewing the signature template in the same browser and device that they first opened it with
Checkboxes revert to 'required' after making them not requiredFields added to a template were reverting to required, even if the user deselected that checkbox
Add random number data tokens in the data dictionaryRAND4 and RAND6 were added to the signature data dictionary. These allow 4 and 6-digit randomly generated numbers to be inserted into a template, for security/door locks.
Add driving directions data code to the data dictionary fieldsThe driving directions data code was added to the signature data dictionary


We are super excited to announce the release of Signature, the third product in the Tokeet suite. Signature is an e-document management system designed for the short-term rental industry. We know that getting information to and from guests can be a tedious and time-consuming task, so we created Signature to make your lives easier. Signature is more than just an e-signature platform. With Signature, you can also send customized forms to your guests which they can complete on any device. This information is then stored in Tokeet for you to review at any time. You can also send customized documents using the guest and booking information, or custom codes that you create.

Best of all, Signature is completely integrated with Automata and the core Tokeet application so you can automate your document management, and your information is seamlessly shared across the entire suite of products. As always, Signature is easy to use and priced affordably.

Signature is free to use by all Tokeet users for the remainder of August. Simply go to the Signature login page and login with your Tokeet credentials. Only account admins my login at this time. To learn more about Signature please visit the Signature website.

Thanks for being Tokeet users.


We are very excited to announce our brand-new, fully integrated document signature feature called Tokeet Signature. With Tokeet Signature, there’s no need to use expensive electronic signature providers or require your guests to print, sign, scan, then send back rental agreements or other contracts.

With the new Signature feature, you can create multiple contract templates, automatically populate a template with your guest’s information, then send that contract directly to your guest. Your guest will receive a link to the contract which they can read and then sign from any device using a mouse or their finger. Once the contract is signed, both you and your guest will receive a digital copy for your records. There will also be a copy of the executed contract in your Tokeet File Cabinet for future reference.

This fully integrated electronic signature feature is designed to work seamlessly with other Tokeet features including automated triggers, message templates, the Tokeet data dictionary, and more.

By making the booking experience easier for your guests, Signature makes the process easier and more effective for you, too.

For more information about Signature, click here. And be on the lookout for more updates about new Tokeet features.