Webready Updates | February 16, 2021

We have made a number of updates and bug fixes, including: 

  • Update: Allow the user to completely change a website language.
  • Fix: [ABB Connector] Country of the imported listing is empty.
  • Update: [Websites] Veryvine Template - Navbar submenu active link color.
  • Fix: [Invoicing] Invoice Currency is wrong.
  • Fix: [Invoicing] User should be allowed to create an invoice from the Invoicing page. 
  • Update: [Captcha] Add Webready Captcha Help Article & Walkthrough Video.
  • Fix: Videos should only pop up once.
  • Fix: [Veryvine] Settings button is not working.
  • Update: [Website Editor] Add a learn more link.
  • Update: [Websites] Add an option to turn off the contact info.
  • Update: (Websites) Add "Delete" option.
  • Update: [Support] Update Contact Us Form.
  • Fix: [Dashboard] UI is disturbed on iPad.
  • Update: Update the in-app pricing pages.
  • Fix: [Billing Info] UI disturbs when a user has multiple subscriptions.