Hello, valued Tokeet users! Has it really been 10 says since the last blog entry? Well, the wait is over, and now it's time to see "What's New @ Tokeet" this week!
  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this past week, including:

Fixed: [Registration] The Continue button was not working correctly.


Updated: [Recent Activity] Added an "All" option to the events filters, to allow all events to be shown in the Successful and Unsuccessful Triggers lists.

Fixed: [Triggers] Typo on the rentals filter label, when using the exclusion list.

Fixed: [Recent Activity] Typo in the events filters for the Card Deleted event.


Fixed: [My Signature] Resetting a saved signature, and closing the pop-up, was not deleting the signature from the user account.

Fixed: [Templates] Some users without saved signatures received error messages when manually signing contracts.

Thank you for continuing to make Tokeet great! We're looking forward to your feedback about these new additions and fixes to our platform. As always, please email us with your questions or suggestions at any time.


Hello again! Let's see "What's New @ Tokeet" this week. This week, we have another group of updates and fixes that will improve the performance of the apps.
  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this past week, including:

Updated: [Channels] Improvements made to the Agoda rate push process.

Fixed: [Channels] Users were not able to accept AirBnB booking alterations.

Fixed: [Templates] Some contract links were expiring before the 5-day period ended.

Fixed: [Templates] The SOURCE data code was not displaying the channel name for bookings created manually in the calendar.


Updated: [Triggers] The recipient field is now mandatory for all Signature contracts, forms and documents.

Updated: [Templates] The GUEST_ID data code has been removed from the data dictionary due to lack of support from the channels.

Fixed: [Templates] Templates containing the INQUIRY_ID data code were not being sent successfully.


Fixed: [Templates] When sending templates, the guest list, users with more than 1,000 Tokeet guests were unable to search the full list.

Fixed: [Templates] When an account administrator was a recipient of a contract that requires a photo ID, an error message was being returned to the guest.

Thank you for continuing to make Tokeet great! We're looking forward to your feedback about these new additions and fixes to our platform. As always, please email us with your questions or suggestions at any time.


Welcome to another installation of the "What's New @ Tokeet" changelog. This week, we have an announcement for the future plans of SMS integration in the Tokeet and Automata apps. We also have another group of updates and fixes that will improve the performance of the apps.

  • It was a very difficult decision to make, but we feel that this is the right choice for the future. We have now announced our future plans for SMS integration in the Tokeet suite of applications. SMS will only be available in the Automata app, and the functionality has been expanded. Please take a moment to read the announcement below:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks to all of you for making the Automata beta a success. We are truly excited about its full launch and upcoming features. Now that Automata is fully up and running, as of November 1st, SMS automation will be exclusively available in Automata. SMS will no longer be a feature offered in the core Tokeet product.

    Since we introduced SMS in Tokeet about a year ago it has grown to be a very popular feature with over 100K SMS messages sent each month. This number has been increasing rapidly in the past few months without abatement. Due to this rising cost we are now forced to remove SMS from the base product in an effort to keep cost and prices down.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

    Tokeet Team

  • We would like to provide a polite reminder that users who were trialing the Automata and Signature applications will now have to subscribe to the services in order to continue their use.

    Automata and Signature are now out of beta. This means that you must subscribe to these products to continue using them. As of September 24th you must have a subscription to Automata/Signature in order to login to these applications. As of October 1st Automata will stop processing triggers for accounts without subscriptions.

    None of your data or triggers will be deleted from Automata or Signature. There is ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT to regular Tokeet triggers, Tokeet Contracts, or Tokeet. This announcement is exclusively regarding Automata and Signature.

    If you have previously setup Automata and wish to continue using it simply subscribe to a plan. Go to the My Billing Info page within your Tokeet account and activate your desired subscription.

  • We have introduced a custom implementation program for new user accounts.
  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this past week, including:

Fixed: [Channels] Booking and hold event modifications were delayed while pushing to AirBnB.

Fixed: [Channels] When trying to book open dates on AirBnB, some guests were receiving an error that the dates are no longer available.

Fixed: [Billing Info] Typo in the Activate Subscription modal said "Shall be proceed?" instead of "Shall we proceed?"


Fixed: [Triggers] Booking confirmed triggers were firing multiple times for some guest bookings.


Updated: [Owner Login] Owners now have access to the app, with a customized dashboard. They can save their password to the account so that it is auto-filled on contracts.

Updated: [Dashboard] Cleaned up the filter layout in the activity table.

Fixed: [All] Alphabetical sort was case-sensitive.

Fixed: [Login] Username and password icons were not loading until the field was clicked.

Fixed: [Dashboard] Sort by recipient was not working correctly.

Fixed: [Forms] Submitting a guest form was returning the error "Something went wrong."

Thank you for continuing to make Tokeet great! We're looking forward to your feedback about these new additions and fixes to our platform. As always, please email us with your questions or suggestions at any time.


It's been a fortnight coming, but it's finally here. Welcome to the September 23rd edition of the "What's New @ Tokeet" changelog. This week, we have the official launches of Automata and Signature. We also have another group of updates and fixes that will improve the performance of the apps.

  • We hope that you have enjoyed your beta experience with Automata and Signature. Both products will be coming out of beta on September 24th and you will be required to subscribe to each product in order to access the applications from that date. You may subscribe to both products on the "My Billing Info" page within your Tokeet account starting September 24th. Starting October 1st, Automata will stop firing all triggers for accounts without subscriptions.

    If you have any questions about Automata or Signature please let us know by contacting support.
  • Automata and Signature Tokeet Academy classes are live! You can now register for a 30-minute demonstration of the Automata app on Tuesdays, and a 20-minute demo of the Signature app on Thursdays. These new additions to the Tokeet Academy curriculum will give you a full tour of our exciting new automation and e-document applications. Just like the Tokeet Academy: Channel Manager class, you can register quickly on our Calendly page. Just select a date and the most convenient time slot for you. All you need after that is a smartphone or computer to access the online call, and learn about the new additions to the Tokeet suite of products. See the class schedules below:

    Tokeet Academy: Automata - 4 x 30-minute classes
    Every Tuesday @ 9am/9:30am/7pm/7:30pm GMT

    Tokeet Academy: Signature - 3 x 20-minute classes
    Every Thursday @ 9am/9:20am/9:40am/7pm/7:20pm/7:40pm GMT
  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this past week, including:

Updated: [Addons] Moved Websites and Owners buttons, and added Automata and Signature buttons under the Addons menu button.

Updated: [Calendar] Shared calendar URLs updated to HTTPS for improved security.

Updated: [Templates] The expiration time period for contract links has been increased from 24 hours to 5 days.

Updated: [Triggers] Status toggle switch added to the Trigger Details page.

Fixed: [Channels] Typo in Agoda connection modal said "booking.com" instead of "Agoda."

Fixed: [Channels] The links in the Agoda connection modals opened the wrong pages.

Fixed: [Channels] Add Account button on Agoda channel details page opened an invalid URL.

Fixed: [Channels] AirBnB API (NEW) listing status button said "Visibile" instead of "Visible."

Fixed: [Channels] Channel actions generating error toasters in the dashboard, even though the actions were successful.


Updated: [Inbox] ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD) applied to all date fields.

Updated: [Triggers] Tooltips updated on the template selector, to explain which templates the list will contain.

Updated: [Triggers] When sending Signature templates, the recipient field is now only mandatory for contracts.

Fixed: [Bookings] Sort function was not working for Arrive and Depart columns.

Fixed: [Triggers] Cannot see the full template name when creating a trigger, if there is a special character in the template name.

Thank you for continuing to make Tokeet great! We're looking forward to your feedback about these new additions and fixes to our platform. As always, please email us with your questions or suggestions at any time.


Do you know what today is? Yes, it's Hump Day, but it's also time for another installment of the hottest changelog on the internet. Let's see "What's New @ Tokeet" this week!
  • We made a previous announcement about the new Agoda API, and more than a month in, we're seeing encouraging connectivity numbers. In case you missed the first announcement, please allow us to remind you of the great new addition to our growing list of API connections.
We're excited to announce that you can now connect your Agoda listings to Tokeet via API. Agoda and Tokeet have partnered to bring you a seamless, fast, and reliable connection between Tokeet and your Agoda listing. Connect your Agoda account to Tokeet and receive real-time reservation notifications. Rates and availability synchronization is also available so you can be sure that your price and calendar are always up-to-date. Click here for instructions on connecting Agoda to Tokeet.

We've been working hard to provide you with more options in Tokeet to connect to the top distribution channels around the world. Agoda is another step in making Tokeet the obvious choice for any property manager in any market globally.
  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this past week, including:

Updated: [Channels] Rental amenities no longer push to AirBnB API (NEW). Now, amenities can be set on airbnb.com before connecting to Tokeet, and Tokeet will not change them with the rest of the listing details. This is to accommodate the full list of AirBnB amenities, while we update our system to support them.

Fixed: [Channels] AirBnB API (NEW) rate push error for pushing more than 731 days.

Fixed: [Channels] Authorization Required error for Booking.com availability pushes.

Thank you for continuing to make Tokeet great! We're looking forward to your feedback about these new additions and fixes to our platform. As always, please email us with your questions or suggestions at any time.


Today we would like to unveil a new weekly feature to the Tokeet Changelog called "What's New @ Tokeet". This weekly update will chronicle all significant updates, changes and bug fixes made to the Tokeet suite of applications since the last update. As this is the first edition of this new feature, we will be focusing on the latest round of changes to the Tokeet, Signature and Automata web applications. Please check back weekly to see what new updates we have made.

  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this past week, including:

Updated: [Channels] We now push 2 years' worth of rates for Airbnb API (NEW) with each rate push.

Updated: [Channels] You can now leave any field blank in the Airbnb API (NEW) Price Settings that you do not want to update.

Fixed: [Rental Rates] Rates calendar (standard) was showing old dynamic rates.


Updated: [Triggers] Tooltips have been updated for clarity.

Updated: [Triggers] Account Active/Paused action changed into a switch to improve visibility.

Updated: [Triggers] Added Chinese translation support for both Traditional and Simplified.

Fixed: [Triggers] Guests with Chinese last names were receiving Chinese template translations.

Fixed: [Triggers] Some triggers were firing despite being inactive.

Fixed: [Triggers] Rental availability condition not reading the correct availability.

Fixed: [Triggers] Available days before/after condition was not reading the day count correctly.

Fixed: [Recent Activity] Booking tags color indicator missing from the graph.

Fixed: [Custom Codes] Custom codes not displaying in the template.

Fixed: [Custom Codes] Custom codes not displaying the correct value for the rental the guest has booked.


Updated: [All] Info icon tooltips updated with new information.

Updated: [Dashboard] You can filter the graph by template type.

Updated: [Custom Codes] You can create custom data codes to be used in templates.

Updated: [Templates] Tooltips have been updated for clarity.

Thank you for continuing to make Tokeet great! We're looking forward to your feedback about these new additions and fixes to our platform. As always, please email us with your questions or suggestions at any time.


Since the announcement of the upcoming release of Tokeet version 3 there has been a lot of excitement and some anxiety regarding the proposed changes to the product. Please allow me to shed some light on the coming release process.

1. The new version of Tokeet (version 3) will not be released until Q4. This means that nothing is happening immediately and you can continue to enjoy version 2 until then.

2. There will be an open beta release of version 3 for about a month. Users will be able to login to either version 2 or version 3 as they like. This will allow everyone to get used to the new version, provide feedback, and decide if they like it.

3. Once the open beta period is complete, users with monthly plans will be upgraded to version 3 automatically. Users with yearly plans will have the option of sticking with version 2 for the remainder of their subscription period, or upgrading to version 3. There are a few things to note regarding this choice.

 - We will continue to support those users on version 2 as we do now.

 - We will discontinue active development of version 2. So there wouldn’t be anymore bug fixes, upgrades, etc.

 - Yearly plan users who stay with version 2 will not be able to login to version 3.

 - Version 2 users may upgrade to version 3 at anytime prior to the end of their subscription period.

 - Version 2 users will be able to subscribe to any of the upcoming add-on products.

 - We will set a permanent discontinuation date for version 2 sometime in 2019.


4. We will not be decreasing rate management in version 3. In fact, we plan to release a much simpler rate management solution. The core feature offerings of version 3 will remain the same as version 2 unless otherwise announced.

We’re confident that once users see and experience version 3 they will instantly prefer it to version 2. We’re happy to answer anymore questions about the upcoming version 3 here on this thread.

Thanks for being a Tokeet user.


The new Airbnb API is a faster, more reliable connection to Airbnb than our previous API connection. However, this new connection does have some important differences and noteworthy features. All of these differences are requirements of Airbnb or limitations of their new API, to which Tokeet must adhere. Below is a list of things to note when connecting to the new API.

  • Listings connected to Airbnb using their new API will be made instant bookable. This is done by Airbnb and cannot be undone in Tokeet or on Airbnb.
  • Listings connected to the new API must meet Airbnb's content listing criteria. The specific criteria are detailed below. Any listing not meeting these criteria will be automatically delisted by Airbnb until they are updated to meet the criteria.
  • Cohosted listings are officially unsupported by the new Airbnb API. Tokeet does allow cohosted listings to connect via the new API and many of the connection features will work. However, we encourage users with cohosted listings to add their Tokeet rental's iCal URL to the Airbnb listing in the Airbnb dashboard to ensure availability is constantly updated. 
  • Listings connected prior to August 9th may have suffered a lapse in synchronization. This is due to an update released by Airbnb which now requires a synchronization setting for each listing. Tokeet is now automatically updating listings with this setting. Listings that are either cohosted or do not meet the content requirements will be automatically rejected by Airbnb.
  • Once a listing is connected to Tokeet, pricing and availability settings will no longer be accessible in Airbnb. These settings must be updated in Tokeet.
  • User may choose to sync only rates and availability via Tokeet or sync their entire listing content (Full Synchronization). By default Tokeet connects to your Airbnb listings with rates and availability sync. This allows Tokeet to perform all required actions like pushing rates, pushing availability, sending and receiving messages, and importing bookings. You may switch to Full Synchronization from within the connection details in Tokeet. Please note that if you choose Full Synchronizationyou will no longer be able to update your listing's rates, availability, or content in your Airbnb dashboard and will be required to do so via Tokeet.
  • Guest requirements are removed from listings connected to any channel manager via the new Airbnb API. There is no way to add these requirements back. This is done automatically by Airbnb.
  • Dates directly blocked on Airbnb will not be imported into Tokeet with the new Airbnb API. Users are encouraged to directly block dates in their Tokeet calendar to ensure all connected channels are updated accordingly.
Airbnb Listing Content Requirements
Airbnb will automatically disable listings that do not meet the following minimum content requirements.
  • Title - At least 8 characters in the listing title
  • Description - At least 50 characters in the listing description field
  • Photos - At least 7 photos, including 3 with high-resolution (800x500 pixels) 
  • Amenities - At least 5 amenities


Many of you have questions about the new Tokeet products and how they relate to the core application. Since the announcement of Automata and Signature we’ve received numerous emails and messages from users asking for more details about the direction of Tokeet and how the new products affect them. These are all fair questions and I hope to answer them here.

Almost a year ago we starting laying down the roadmap for Tokeet. Much of what we planned involved expanding on already popular features like automation, contracts, rate management, and others. Our goals were ambitious and we planned to transform Tokeet into a complete solution for the short-term rental industry. While this all seemed great, it would mean expanding the existing product even further and also coming up with an interface that worked well for all the various features. We feared that the result would be a bloated, complex product that’s hard for new users to start using, complicated to develop, and difficult to maintain.

Ultimately, we decided to split the core application into multiple, unique, and feature rich apps that perform specific tasks really well. We felt that would create a much simpler user experience in the core application and also give us the flexibility to build each app with a custom user experience. Not to mention developing and maintaining smaller apps would be operationally easier. We may even potentially integrate the add-on applications with competitor systems in the future.

So, with the decision made, we started building five (5) new add-on applications (we’ve been busy). Four of these applications are already built, two have already been released. We are also undertaking a rebuild of the core application, which we’re calling Tokeet version 3 (TV3), from scratch. If you look closely at the Automata and Signature videos you’ll see TV3 in action. TV3 will not natively include some of the features it does today. This would have required us to build and maintain the same features in two different applications, which isn’t sustainable in the long-term. Instead, users will be required to use one of the add-on products. However, TV3 will contain many features not currently in Tokeet and be much easier to use.

Despite the splitting of Tokeet into multiple applications, users will be able to seamlessly transition from one application to another. There will be a single sign-on for all apps. This means one username and password for the entire suite. In addition, user will be able to open any app, automatically be logged in, and start working directly from Tokeet. This will make using the suite of applications effortless and intuitive.

Despite all of this expansion we plan to stay true to our core of providing feature rich products at very competitive prices. Yes, the new apps will come with their own individual price tags. We believe that each app can stand alone as a product and that they should fund themselves. Yes, the core application will be changing. However, we believe the added features and vastly expanded add-on applications serve to make the entire Tokeet experience more powerful and complete for our users.

Exact product release dates will be revealed in the future. In short, we plan to launch all new products and TV3 by the end of 2018. Thanks to all of you for being a part of this journey. Many of you have been around since 2016 when we first launched and we are eternally grateful for your loyalty. I’m happy to answer any questions I can about the Tokeet roadmap on this thread.

Thanks for being Tokeet users.


As of Thursday, August 9th, Airbnb now requires all API-connected listings to choose a specific synchronization setting. You must choose either to manage your rates and availability only in Tokeet, or manage everything including your listing details in Tokeet. If you haven’t already done so, you must update your synchronization settings in Tokeet. 

Please note that your listings must also meet the Airbnb listing quality guidelines when connecting via a channel manager. The Airbnb API rejects listings connections that do not meet the following minimum content requirements.

- Listing title must be at least 8 characters long.
- Listing description must be at least 50 characters.
- At least 7 photos, including 3 with high-resolution (800x500 pixels).
- Listing must have at least 5 amenities.

Finally, all Airbnb API listings are now set to Instant Book by default. This setting cannot be changed and is mandated by Airbnb. Tokeet has no control over this setting.

We will be following up with more details and updates regarding the new Airbnb API.

Thanks for being a Tokeet user.

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