Updated: Redesigned Tokeet pricing page. You can see the new page here

Updated: Added Rental ID under the Basic Information tab on Rental

Updated: Provided ability to download rentals from Rentals list

Fixed: We have fixed few issues related to Booking Fees

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where users in GMT +12 timezone are seeing wrong Check-in/out time on Invoices


We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this week, including: 

Updated: Added Guestflow under Integrations

Updated: Added YourWelcome under Integrations

Updated: Renamed "Wishbox" to "Duve" on Tokeet Website

Fixed: Remove *|RENTAL:INSTRUCTIONS|* data token from Data Dictionary as it wasn't functional

Fixed: We have fixed few navigations and broken link issues on the Registration screen, Login screen, and Tokeet Website

Fixed: Applied validation on Tax Type field under Rentals->TAX/VAT

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the "Update booking charges" popup was showing when you update guest details on an inquiry/booking



  • Add the ability to turn off a payout rule without having to delete the entire payout rule.
  • Updating Payout rule formula structure:
  • Show name of Payout rules which are being applied to booking: Names of payout rule is now shown in tooltips if the user hovers over the payout column value.
  • Allow negative amounts in Invoice line items: User can now include a negative amount in the invoice
  • Owner Center is accessible on the tablet platform
  • Allow property manager to enable OC login for the owner
  • Create the statements/invoices for all the owners in a bulk function
  • Allow owners to change password
  • [Owner Portal->Reports] Add tooltips when you hover over different report types.


  • [Owners] Sort by "Rentals" and "Name" columns not working.
  • [Dashboard] Sort by Owner column not working properly.
  • [Portal] In Payments, the filter is not working for Failure
  • Rental and Tag filters appearing as Blank.
  • Owner center check-in / check-out times on booking info popup are incorrect
  • [Payout Rules] Owner name and Channel Name is missing on the detail view
  • [Reporting] Bookings that span from one year to the next show up incorrectly on the next year's report
  • [Owner Portal] The owner should be able to scroll forward and backward on Multi Calendar.
  • [Owners->Owner Statements] Options in the Rentals dropdown should be sorted.
  • [Owner->Owner Rentals] The correct currency symbol doesn't show in Owner Center for Euro.
  • [Owner Portal->Statements] The tooltip goes out of the screen when you hover over the Month dropdown.
  • [Dashboard] "BOOKING REVENUE FOR LAST 14 DAYS" graph has some data display issues
  • [Invoice/Statement] In Printed Mode, show "No Logo" if no logo exists.
  • [Invoice Print] The Terms and Conditions and Messages section do not appear at all.
  • [Payment] In Activity Log "Failure" status is not working
  • [Statement/Invoices] The status filter is not working properly without screen refresh
  • [Portal] Hold Events are not displaying correctly on the Standard calendar
  • Invoice Detail View shows empty rows in OC and 0 Payout/Tax

Introducing Rental Tags

You may now add tags to your rentals to help describe and filter your rentals on your rental calendars. You can add as many tags as you like and of course add the same tags to multiple rentals. To add tags simply go to your rental settings in Tokeet and click on the yellow setup button on the Basic Information page.

You will now see an option to filter your rental calendars based on tags. So if you have hundreds of rentals organizing and managing your rentals just got a lot easier.