TV3 UPDATES | Apr 2024

New features/improvements:

  • Removed Webready from Channels Page
  • Added Help Videos for different modules

Bug Fixes:

  • [Fixed] [Production] Creation Date is missing for the manually created bookings.
  • [Fixed] App gets stuck when inquiry is deleted from inbox
  • [Fixed] Automata subscription not showing up on Billing Info page
  • [Fixed] Auto Refresh not working for invoice deletion
  • [Fixed] [Inquires] Logs are not getting update when switch to logs tab without re-opening the inquires pop-up 
  • [Fixed] Pull Availability Logs are not getting created for Airbnb
  • [Fixed] [Airbnb] token isn't properly refreshed and error returned from API call has interrupted the webhook handler
  • [Fixed] Airbnb Rate Push is creating logs Push Availability 
  • [Fixed] Issue with the search results of the Rental availability overlay.