TV3 UPDATES | Jan 2024

New features/improvements:

  • Custom Channels option added
  • Channel Commissions option added
  • Rentals images upload count increased to 60
  • [Marriot] Added option to set an Amenity Sofa Bed on rental detail information page

Bug Fixes:

  • [Fixed] User should be able cancel ABB booking whose rental has been unlinked
  • [Fixed] Do not allow special characters in first name and last name fields and email address field, otherwise it will break the funcitonality. 
  • [Fixed] [Custom Branding] Updating logo was not working
  • [Fixed] [Tokeet Website] Location page was not working
  • [Fixed] Going to Billing Info Page was logging user out
  • [Fixed] Amenities options are not getting saved on the Rental detail section.
  • [Fixed] Read only user role was unable to change password and unable to receive Change Password email