Rategenie has integrated with Zeevou!

We’re happy to announce our integration with Zeevou, the first of many exciting integrations to come!

Automate your hospitality management with Zeevou - from marketing, to bookings, to operations in one unified hub!

Zeevou also offers channel management that has a full 2-way API integration to sync your rates and availability, in real time, to over 200 channels (OTAs and listing sites).

With this new integration, you’ll be able to generate rates for your Zeevou rentals!

Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Zeevou.

Rategenie Updates | September 1, 2022

We have released the following updates:

1- We have redesigned our Integration page and added different PMS options there
2- We have updated our Listings page to adjust more PMS integration connections on that page. 

Owner Center Updates | July 22, 2021

We have made some tweaks in Owner Center and provided users with the facility to select Booking Formula Total and Booking Total (Earlier it was only Booking Total).
If Booking Total is selected:  Calculations will be performed on basis of Booking Total.
If Booking Formula Total is selected: Calculations will be performed on basis of Booking Formula Total and if Booking Formula is not specified then Booking Total will be used.

We have also made some UI/UX changes. Following changes have been deployed to production

Updated: While creating payout rules ability to select Booking Formula Total along with Booking Total

Updated: Payout rules, moved status toggle to the top

Updated: Added "Exclude from invoice" checkbox with each line item

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where Marriott logo was broken on owner multi calendar

Rategenie Updates | June 2, 2022

We have released the following updates for Rategenie.

  • Updated: Marriott API is added in the list on Rategenie API channels List.
  • Updated: Marriott API rate category will be shown as 'auto-mapped' now inside Rategenie.
  • Fixed: Date specific rule: when try to delete any item from multiple date specific rule entry it was always deleting 1st item in the list. This is fixed now.
  • Updated: VRBO API is added in the list on Rategenie API channels List.
  • Updated: VRBO API rate category will be shown as 'auto-mapped' now inside Rategenie.

Rategenie Updates | April 1, 2022

We have made the following changes:

Updated: Additional fields (Linen Fee, Resort Fee, Management Fee, Community Fee) for Airbnb Price settings are added to Rategenie as well. Those fields were previously available in TV3 only. Now you can also set it from within the Rategenie application.

Rategenie Updates | March 21, 2022

We have made few changes to Rategenie in this week and we want to update you.

 Updated: We have added the Modality drop down for Length of stay (LOS) discount.  With this functionality, users will be able to provide LOS discount on Per night basis as well. Previously LOS was only applicable to Per stay basis.

Fixed: In some cases, Gap night rule was getting applied on the Booking date as well. This has been corrected now and it will only apply on the actual gaps between the bookings and not on the Booking date itself.

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