TV3 UPDATES | Jan 2024

New features/improvements:

  • Custom Channels option added
  • Channel Commissions option added
  • Rentals images upload count increased to 60
  • [Marriot] Added option to set an Amenity Sofa Bed on rental detail information page

Bug Fixes:

  • [Fixed] User should be able cancel ABB booking whose rental has been unlinked
  • [Fixed] Do not allow special characters in first name and last name fields and email address field, otherwise it will break the funcitonality. 
  • [Fixed] [Custom Branding] Updating logo was not working
  • [Fixed] [Tokeet Website] Location page was not working
  • [Fixed] Going to Billing Info Page was logging user out
  • [Fixed] Amenities options are not getting saved on the Rental detail section.
  • [Fixed] Read only user role was unable to change password and unable to receive Change Password email

TV3 UPDATES | Dec 2023

Bug Fixes:

  • [Fixed] Changes in Branding Templates are not getting saved
  • [Fixed] [Payment gateways ]Make Connect button more prominent
  • Airbnb channels related bugs fixation

New features

  • Reviews Dashboard module added
  • Empty list view graphics added
  • Help articles icons added against each module
  • [] Adopted Availability v1.1 and Roomrates v1.1

TV3 UPDATES | Oct 30 - Nov 03, 2023

Bug Fixes:

[Operto] Disconnecting a rental does not remove it from Operto list

Power Reporting login is not working for a user 

VRBO fees are not showing up.

Facebook Sign Up not working for Tokeet

[Inquiries] Updates in Airbnb reviews tab - Backend changes

Booking is showing wrong on Calendar

[Support Issue]  Move a booking to a different rental, but user is getting "Overlapping Events error" even though the dates are available for 1night booking

Bookings overlapping issue on frontend

Moving booking from one rental to other is showing weird behavior 

[Support Issue]  Deleting ABB hold events (that were imported with the rental) did not trigger an availability push.

Invoice nightly rate is not auto populating

[Support Issue]  Deleting ABB hold events (that were imported with the rental) did not trigger an availability push.

New Features:

[Operto] Add Operto to the integrations page

[Inquiries] Updates in Airbnb reviews tab

TV3 UPDATES | Oct 23 - 27, 2023

Bug Fixes:

Issues in Reservations Request accept and cancellation

Message Sender name is not displayed

[Operto] Getting Internal Server Error while trying to enable a property

[Operto} After connecting or disconnecting, button should be updated automatically

User is not able to print inquiries

New Features:

[Operto] Implement Operto API

Operto Integration

Inquiry can be confirmed only from the ABB booking request sent to user by email or from the ABB site.

[invoices] Add due date column

[Operto smart lock] Add checkin_code to the Inquiry object and create a Data Token for it

TV3 UPDATES | Oct 16 - 20, 2023

Bug Fixes:

[GVR] Implement pushing LOS-based Rates to Google API

[GVR] Fixing Error behavior should be consistent

Wrong standard rate currency returned when rental currency was changed

[Agoda] Error message display while pushing rates to Agoda

[Inquiries] Booking changes are not getting updated 

Stop printing warning

Last Minute Discount in Price Settings are getting removed

Arrive and depart dates are missing from Downloaded invoices

New Features:

[Airbnb] Implement two way sync for Airbnb API

Guest initiated alteration

Booking Status should be updated to Cancelled

Need a way to delete 10,000 Airbnb hold events

TV3 UPDATES | Oct 09 - 13, 2023

Bug Fixes:

Booking Cancellation should not remove tags

[] Property Disappears after some time

[Agoda] Day Specific Prices are not pushed to Agoda when we have a dynamic rate

[Agoda] Error message display while pushing rates to Agoda

Reviews Templates

Team unsubscription

Owners is not able to view Rental

BDC Message Failure

[Vrbo] Add logs for listing info (xml) which shows what is missing when they are pulling out the listing

[Agoda] Day Specific Prices are not pushed to Agoda when we have a dynamic rate

New Features:

Auto responder trigger

Trigger Scenario 


TV3 UPDATES | Oct 02 - 06, 2023

Bug Fixes:

POST requests with integer limit fails

Additional Guest Fee not appearing in Inbox

[Payments] Amount shouldn't go out of the box

When sending a message from TV3, email that gets sent to the guest has an empty attachment

Error while saving 2 way Sync

Error while saving Booking Preferences

[Templates] Details of Custom Branding template doesn't display

Airbnb Opportunities does not show list of all Rentals

[Channels->API] ACTIONS button shouldn't display till channel is not connected.

Checkout and Checkin Time is not getting updated

Checkout times are not Imported to tokeet from Airbnb for all rentals

Annual Plan User is shown Per Month

Unable to create Listing for Airbnb in Tokeet

New Features:

Add Damage Deposit in list of Booking Fee

[Inquiries -> Opportunities] Add drop down for Accounts on frontend

Turbosuite is our newest partner!

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Introducing Airbnb 2 way sync

We’ve made some updates to the Airbnb API in Tokeet that allow for greater flexibility and visibility for your listings.

No longer will you be restricted from making updates to your listing content and pricing while connected to Tokeet. Our 2-way API sync allows you to make adjustments to your listing directly on Airbnb and have it instantly updated in Tokeet.

For more information on these updates, please see our blog here.

We've integrated with Alertify!

We're pleased to announce our partnership with Alertify!

They're revolutionizing the way we manage properties with Smart Room Monitoring Solutions. Here's what they bring to the table:

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts for noise, smoking, and occupancy violations.
  • Incident reports that settle disputes.
  • Direct guest communication through GuestAlert.
  • A backup battery for uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Instant identification of guests during violations.

Click here to get started or check out our blog for more information on Alertify.

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