TV3 UPDATES | January 01 - January 31 2022

Happy New Year. Below is a quick overview of January updates 

Updated: We have added Created By column in the Expenses module

Updated: We have added the following additional information to the inquiry feed

  1. Guest secondary email
  2. Guest phone
  3. Guest address
  4. Number of nights

Updated: Forgot password link now expire after a user has reset their password

Updated: We have added a grace period banner if card payment fails

Updated: On invoices, at the bottom right we have added additional lines to Itemize. Vat Total, Net Total (Without vat) and Gross Total (Including Vat) 

Updated: We have added a new landing page that confirms verification when the user clicks on the email verification link

Updated: On Dashboard, we have added an entry in Activity Feed when someone adds/deletes a hold event 

Updated: We have added Safely company to Tokeet/Sympl integrations page on the website 

Updated: We have provided the ability to colour code hold events just like bookings 

Updated: We have updated the rental requirement from 5 to 15 for connecting with Holidu

Updated: For Vrbo and Marriott users shouldn't be able to connect if Stripe is not connected as a payment gateway

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the mobile app was not working for iPhone 14 Pro Max 

Fixed: We are now showing guest secondary email addresses in the downloaded CSV file

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the Total displays as 0 in the fired automation message when a booking is created from the Tokeet website 

Fixed: We have fixed an Agenda calendar issue where Notes should be highlighted/unhighlighted without a refresh 

Fixed: We have provided the facility to disconnect the last payment gateway even if it is set as default

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where If the apply booking fee is unchecked while creating a booking, tax should not be applied to that Fee

 Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the page gets stuck when you click on the notifications icon

Fixed: For Rentals United we have fixed an issue  where values under the connection status table and Activity Logs don't update 

Fixed: Under User Settings, users shouldn't be able to type characters in the Phone field 

We've integrated with Safely!

There’s no need to worry about who you’re renting to or what happens when something goes wrong with this new integration.

Safely provides short-term rental insurance with rigorous guest screening, and comprehensive insurance.

With a simple claims process and quick turnarounds, customers can stay focused on growing their business and providing the best experience.

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Sympl UPDATES | December 2022

New Releases:

  • Show automata template in Sympl IF user is already subscribed to Automata
  • [Templates] If User is subscribed to Automata instead of Sympl Automations, he/she should be able to add templates to messages

Bug Fixes:

  • [Invoices] Link is broken

TV3 UPDATES | December 01 - December 31 2022

Below is a quick overview of December updates 

Updated: In Expenses, we have disabled the Recurring Monthly field and added the following tooltip

This feature works only if you have entered the Due Date

Updated: We have updated the loading animation for TV3

Updated: We have put the Community link in the Get Help bubble

Updated: Added Sympl on the Login/Signup page

Updated: Added copy icon in front of data feed URL

Updated: We have provided the ability to set a pet fee for ABB listings

Updated: We have made the "Schedule Onboarding" button visible only to Paid users during their first paid month, this button should be hidden during the trial and after the first Paid month

Fixed: In inquiries, we have fixed an issue where the amount shouldn't lose focus while editing booking charges

Fixed: We have fixed an Expedia rate push issue, where the amount wasn't rounding properly

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where disabled payment gateways shouldn't show on an invoice

Fixed: We have fixed an issue with the inquiry widget where a user wasn't able to select the previous year

Fixed: We have rephrased the success message when a task is marked as complete

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where a user wasn't able to disconnect from Wheelhouse

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where files aren't accessible to guests when a message is sent from mobile

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the round, green Reply button for inquiries and messages is always too low on the screen and hard to access

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where a user wasn't able to convert a Hold Event into a booking

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where users shouldn't be able to access websites after switching to Free Plan

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where setting one rental as Ready (green), other rental status changes to Not Ready (red)

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where Tasks are disappearing once created

Fixed: We have rephrased the message which shows when the booking is submitted from Booking Engine

Signature Updates | January 9, 2023

We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this past quarter, including:

Updated: You can now sign documents directly in the app. If you’re the only signer on a document, the Send button will be replaced with a Sign button. Clicking it will open the signing editor, which will allow you to sign and submit the completed document directly in the dashboard.

Updated: Multiple document signers can now upload a photo ID. The saved image will appear next to each signer’s name in the Inbox Details overlay.

Updated: In order to improve ease of use, the tooltips in the template editor have been revised and updated for improved clarity.

Updated: A new content block has been added to the template editor that will insert a specified user’s name into the template when it is sent.

Updated: You can now send templates directly from the Edit Template overlay. You no longer have to click out of the editor, just to send a template.

Fixed: When typing into the search field, while selecting a signer, the cursor would sometimes disappear after the first letter was typed. This issue has been fixed.

Rategenie Updates | December 27, 2022

We have updated Rategenie website to include updates about Rategenie new features changes that we have made recently and going forward we will keep adding new updates to our Rategenie website.

Read Details link will open up following screen.


Now, on this view user can navigate back and forward and view all Rategenie features one by one.

Through these changes we will promote our Latest Rategenie updates through our website as well.

Rategenie Updates | December 26, 2022

We have added Hold Events creation feature Inside Rategenie. Now you will be able to control the availability of your Listings within Rategenie for your Airbnb listings without the use of a channel manager. 

User can add hold events by using two methods inside Rategenie.
  • On the Rates multi-calendar. Drag and drop and select add hold event option

Check-in Scan is our latest Partner!

Have your guest ID registration sent to the police and get the signed "Registry Form" in an easy, fast and secure way to comply with the legal requirements. 

Check-in Scan is an award-winning app that can scan guest ID’s and collect their signature from your device allowing you to simplify guest check-in. 

With this integration guests can self check-in, guest registry info is available 24/7 via the cloud and their data is instantly sent to the authorities in Spain & Portugal.

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We're integrated with Beyond!

Take the guesswork out of pricing with Beyond

Beyond is a complete revenue management solution for short-term rental managers and owners to get, grow, and keep revenue. 

The easy-to-use platform includes a dynamic, demand-driven pricing tool with extensive market data that pairs with OTA distribution and a best-in-class booking engine. 

On average, Beyond partners see about 10-40% increases in booking revenue in their first year, and we have helped thousands of property managers and property owners maximize their revenue.

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Rategenie Updates | November 18, 2022

We made a couple of changes for Rategenie.

Fixed: User settings page was not working, it's fixed now.

Updated: Airbnb booking preference window, 9 months window and Dates unavailable by default option was missing. These fields are added now inside Rategenie. 

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