We are excited to announce the release of Automata, our newest product in the Tokeet suite of products. Automata is the most powerful automation tool designed for the short-term rental industry. It executes the tasks related to a guest booking, so you can focus on growing your rental business.

Automata has been in closed beta for the past month and all of our beta users love it. Some of our larger customers are already sending over 1,000 automated messages per day with Automata. Today we’ve opened Automata, free of charge for the remainder of August, so all our users may give it a try. You can read more about Automata here. If you’re interested in giving Automata a try you can simply log in with your Tokeet credentials right here. Only account administrators and managers of an Owner Plan account or higher may log in to Automata.

We’re looking forward to your feedback and thanks for being Tokeet users.