We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this month, including:
Updated - [New Rategenie subs from TV3 billing info page] Add a tooltip to redirect users toward the Rategenie billing page- We have added a tooltip on the TV3 billing page so that we can guide users to go to the Rategenie billing page for unsubs
Fixed - Migration issue causing the user to stop creating new rentals - There was an issue where users were not able to create new rentals inside Rategenie due to switching between Tokeet and Sympl multiple times.
Updated - [Strategy] Tooltips missing from Strategy type- When we mouse hover on the strategies name from the list of strategies then tooltips for different strategy types were missing. Tooltips are added now.
Updated - Added an option to Unsubs from Rategenie on Rategenie billing page in new UI
Updated - Replaced Rategenie new UI screenshots with the Rategenie new Walkthrough video
Updated - Listing page-Old UI: Label and tooltip should be according to new UI for Tokeet sync- On the Listings page in Rategenie, we have replaced the Tokeet Sync label with ‘Channel Manager’ sync to cover Tokeet/Sympl and Webready.
Fixed - User profile image: A user previously had to reload the page to see the updated image. This is fixed now.
Updated - On the Rates calendar rates break down, we have changed the label from Local Events to 'Special Events' to be consistent with the ‘Special Event’ rule label.
Fixed - Special Event rule max KM range label issue- Previously the label was saying min KM range is 10, even though that was the max KM range. This labeling issue has been fixed.
Fixed - The Appstore billing page did not show correct pricing when a user was subscribed to the Rategenie application. This has been fixed now.
Fixed - Room ID label was missing in connection detail view for all channels. This is fixed now.
Fixed - POP up for new UI keep was coming despite checking the box to 'don't show this message again. This has been fixed now.
Updated - For Rategenie stand-alone application we have redirected new Sympl users on the app store to subscribe to a paid plan.
Updated - The new Rategenie users will be subscribed according to new Rategenie rental base pricing plans.