Many of you have questions about the new Tokeet products and how they relate to the core application. Since the announcement of Automata and Signature we’ve received numerous emails and messages from users asking for more details about the direction of Tokeet and how the new products affect them. These are all fair questions and I hope to answer them here.

Almost a year ago we starting laying down the roadmap for Tokeet. Much of what we planned involved expanding on already popular features like automation, contracts, rate management, and others. Our goals were ambitious and we planned to transform Tokeet into a complete solution for the short-term rental industry. While this all seemed great, it would mean expanding the existing product even further and also coming up with an interface that worked well for all the various features. We feared that the result would be a bloated, complex product that’s hard for new users to start using, complicated to develop, and difficult to maintain.

Ultimately, we decided to split the core application into multiple, unique, and feature rich apps that perform specific tasks really well. We felt that would create a much simpler user experience in the core application and also give us the flexibility to build each app with a custom user experience. Not to mention developing and maintaining smaller apps would be operationally easier. We may even potentially integrate the add-on applications with competitor systems in the future.

So, with the decision made, we started building five (5) new add-on applications (we’ve been busy). Four of these applications are already built, two have already been released. We are also undertaking a rebuild of the core application, which we’re calling Tokeet version 3 (TV3), from scratch. If you look closely at the Automata and Signature videos you’ll see TV3 in action. TV3 will not natively include some of the features it does today. This would have required us to build and maintain the same features in two different applications, which isn’t sustainable in the long-term. Instead, users will be required to use one of the add-on products. However, TV3 will contain many features not currently in Tokeet and be much easier to use.

Despite the splitting of Tokeet into multiple applications, users will be able to seamlessly transition from one application to another. There will be a single sign-on for all apps. This means one username and password for the entire suite. In addition, user will be able to open any app, automatically be logged in, and start working directly from Tokeet. This will make using the suite of applications effortless and intuitive.

Despite all of this expansion we plan to stay true to our core of providing feature rich products at very competitive prices. Yes, the new apps will come with their own individual price tags. We believe that each app can stand alone as a product and that they should fund themselves. Yes, the core application will be changing. However, we believe the added features and vastly expanded add-on applications serve to make the entire Tokeet experience more powerful and complete for our users.

Exact product release dates will be revealed in the future. In short, we plan to launch all new products and TV3 by the end of 2018. Thanks to all of you for being a part of this journey. Many of you have been around since 2016 when we first launched and we are eternally grateful for your loyalty. I’m happy to answer any questions I can about the Tokeet roadmap on this thread.

Thanks for being Tokeet users.