TOKEET UPDATES | February 01 - February 28 2022

We have made some updates in the application to improve functionality & UI/UX along with fixing bugs. Below is a quick overview of these updates  

Updated: We have provided the facility to add rental specific Booking Formulas

Updated: We have provided the facility to download all emails (both primary & secondary) in the guest data feed

Updated: We have made an update to save invoice logos in Cloudinary instead of File Cabinet

Updated: We have updated the design of the left menu on the Channels page 

Updated: For users on the Trial and Fee plan we have added a tooltip on the Integrations page (MailChimp, Slack, Dropbox, and Wheelhouse) when they hover over CONNECT button

Updated: We have added the HelpDocs library and utilizing it for showing documentation in popups

Updated: We have made a few updates to the Tokeet website e.g. added the Marriott logo on the Channel Manager page and also updated a few integrations on the Integrations page

Updated: We have updated the tooltip in Push Rates & Availability popup to the following

Please create rate mappings for this property within Tokeet. Rate mappings added in Rategenie will not be considered

Updated: We have updated the info icon in the following modules

Users, Rates, Payments, Data Feeds, and Stealth

Updated: On the Integrations page within the app if a user is on Trial  we have disabled the CONNECT button for Partner API connected apps

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the Edit Additional Guests popup wasn't showing when the user clicks on it in inquiry details

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where Tokeet emails are failing DKIM and SPF authentication

Fixed: We have fixed an issue with the REFRESH button in the Channels module where when we click on the button it moves the connections to Pending status

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where widgets are not loading

Fixed: We have fixed issues caused by Airbnb 64 bit Room ID

Fixed: We have fixed a few bugs related to Quotes

Fixed: We have fixed a few crashes related to the mobile applications and deployed latest Android and iOS build to Google Play and App Store