TOKEET UPDATES | October 25 - November 05 2021

We have made some changes in the application to improve UX along with fixing bugs. Below is a quick overview of these updates

Updated: We have updated the in-app Integrations page with the below integrations

Pricelabs,  Duve, Twilio, Charge Automation, Google Analytics, Operto, Superhog, AirDNA, Mailgun

Updated: In the Users module, added the following description below the Phone field

"Please include the country code on user phone number."

Updated: "LIVE CHAT, BOOK A DEMO, AND SCHEDULE ONBOARDING" buttons to be visible to new users for 1 month after trial expiration

Updated: Show the Green phone icon a month after the trial

Updated: On the Pricing page rephrased the second "START FREE TRIAL" button to "BOOK DEMO"

Updated: We have updated the Integrations page with the following integrations

Margins, Webready, Checklist, and Mailgun

Fixed: We have made the interstitial widget responsive for mobile devices

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where saving guest record removes added Note