Since the announcement of the upcoming release of Tokeet version 3 there has been a lot of excitement and some anxiety regarding the proposed changes to the product. Please allow me to shed some light on the coming release process.

1. The new version of Tokeet (version 3) will not be released until Q4. This means that nothing is happening immediately and you can continue to enjoy version 2 until then.

2. There will be an open beta release of version 3 for about a month. Users will be able to login to either version 2 or version 3 as they like. This will allow everyone to get used to the new version, provide feedback, and decide if they like it.

3. Once the open beta period is complete, users with monthly plans will be upgraded to version 3 automatically. Users with yearly plans will have the option of sticking with version 2 for the remainder of their subscription period, or upgrading to version 3. There are a few things to note regarding this choice.

 - We will continue to support those users on version 2 as we do now.

 - We will discontinue active development of version 2. So there wouldn’t be anymore bug fixes, upgrades, etc.

 - Yearly plan users who stay with version 2 will not be able to login to version 3.

 - Version 2 users may upgrade to version 3 at anytime prior to the end of their subscription period.

 - Version 2 users will be able to subscribe to any of the upcoming add-on products.

 - We will set a permanent discontinuation date for version 2 sometime in 2019.


4. We will not be decreasing rate management in version 3. In fact, we plan to release a much simpler rate management solution. The core feature offerings of version 3 will remain the same as version 2 unless otherwise announced.

We’re confident that once users see and experience version 3 they will instantly prefer it to version 2. We’re happy to answer anymore questions about the upcoming version 3 here on this thread.

Thanks for being a Tokeet user.