TV3 UPDATES | November 01 - November 30 2022

As the holidays are coming up, we at Tokeet are still busy in making your experience great. In the month of November, we made some updates to the application to improve functionality and UI/UX along with fixing bugs. Below is a quick overview of these updates 

Updated: During Sign Up and on the connection wizard we have added a captcha for Airbnb 

Updated: We have added a Business Name field on step 3 of the Registration process

Updated: On Dashboard, we have updated the Book A Domo button link to point to the Tokeet Customer Success team 

Updated: In the Channels module we have provided the ability to delete exported, imported iCal connections in bulk

Updated: Within Tokeet allow users to disconnect from Charge Automation and other third-party integrations

Updated: We have restricted unpaid Tokeet users from performing following Airbnb operations

1- Change Synchronization

2- Sync Images

3- Update Listing Details

4- Set Review Status

Updated: We have improved UX of fixing channel rentals errors

Updated: We have added a few amenities for Vrbo channel

Updated: We have fixed a Vrbo issue where Channel Information & Connection Information table were showing twice in Connection Detail

Fixed: Corrected a typo in the Airbnb success message

Fixed: On the Billing Info page we have fixed an issue where fields hide behind the UPDATE button if the Name on Card is long

Fixed: On the Billing Info page in the Subscribed Applications table we have rephrased "per rental per month" to "per month"

Fixed: In Invoice Templates, we have prevented users to add emojis in Notes (Payment Terms, Payment Instructions, and Notes)

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where TV3 is not showing the Automata icon next to messages sent by Automata

Fixed: While closing the account we have added validation for the email field

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where there was a mismatch in inquiries print preview

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where a user was not able to select the Tokeet rental location

Fixed: We have fixed an issue where the symbol for currencies other than $ is not correct for Push Notifications

Fixed: We have removed the maximum stay validation (30 nights) while creating booking

Fixed: On the Billing Info page we have fixed an issue where users on Yearly Plans are seeing per month in Subscribed App table

Fixed: In the Users module we have fixed an issue with the Language (English (American) option showing twice) dropdown

Fixed: We have hyperlinked guest portal link for automatic messages