TV3 UPDATES | September 01 - September 30 2022

In the month of September, we made some updates to the application to improve functionality and UI/UX along with fixing bugs. Below is a quick overview of these updates 

Updated: [Rentals] We have added the following Amenities in the Rentals module

  1. Fridge
  2. Bath
  3. Shower
  4. Washing Machine
  5. Coffee Maker
  6. Baby Cot
  7. High Chair
  8. Smoke Alarms
  9. Dedicated Workspace
  10. Microwave
  11. Outdoor Dining Area
  12. Lift

Updated: [Rentals] We have implemented a feature request where COPY TERMS button will allow you to copy Check-In Instructions, Check-Out Instructions, Directions, House Rules, and Special Instructions along with Payment Terms and Payment Instructions

Updated: [Booking Formula] Ability to select date period for a Booking Formula

Updated: [Rental Amenities] Add Tooltips for channel icons

Updated: [Hold Events] Added Created by column in Hold Events list

Updated: [Data Feeds] Add a check-box option to select the base/nightly rate instead of the total cost when downloading data feeds

Updated: [Data Feeds] Ability to filter inquiry data on basis of Source

Updated: [Rentals] Allow mass deletion of images from rentals

Updated: [Vrbo] Include timestamps for Availability Pull, Availability Push, and Rate Push

Fixed: [Invoice Rules] Sorting on Last Triggered is not working correctly

Fixed: [Inquiries/Bookings] User shouldn't be able to set negative nights while updating a booking

Fixed: [Registration] On Registration step 3, users can skip to step 4 even if they don't enter the phone number

Fixed: [LOS Discount] Remove the option to select Airbnb from production

Fixed: [Payment Rules] Channel Column does not display the correct value

Fixed: [Invoice Templates] In Invoice templates, the screen freezes after clicking on "Set Cost Formula"

Fixed: [Rates] We have fixed an issue where a strange rate mapping was showing under the Rate Mappings tab

Fixed: [Billing Info] We have fixed an issue to show Rategenie price up to 2 decimal places

Fixed: [Interstitial Widget] We have provided the ability to filter results on the basis of guest count

Fixed: [Interstitial Widget]  Filter rentals from Results when maximum guests value is exceeded in search criteria

Fixed: [Airbnb] Typo of "posting" as "postig"

Fixed: [Invoices] We have fixed an issue where the browser gets stuck when accessing newly created auto invoice

Fixed: [Invoices] We have fixed an issue where the correct currency symbol wasn't showing with newly created auto invoices if it is other than $

Fixed:  [Vrbo] Vrbo booking status is showing as paid

Fixed: [Vrbo API] Availability Push to Vrbo is failing in case of overlapping hold events

Fixed: [Vrbo] VRBO bookings are importing with the wrong timestamps for the guest_arrive and guest_depart fields

Fixed: [HVMI] Rentals doesn't show at step 2 of the connection

Fixed: [Airbnb] Airbnb import property feature is returning a 500 internal server error when there are asterisks in the property name

Fixed: [Holidu] Fees display wrongs for Holidu bookings