The new Airbnb API is a faster, more reliable connection to Airbnb than our previous API connection. However, this new connection does have some important differences and noteworthy features. All of these differences are requirements of Airbnb or limitations of their new API, to which Tokeet must adhere. Below is a list of things to note when connecting to the new API.

  • Listings connected to Airbnb using their new API will be made instant bookable. This is done by Airbnb and cannot be undone in Tokeet or on Airbnb.
  • Listings connected to the new API must meet Airbnb's content listing criteria. The specific criteria are detailed below. Any listing not meeting these criteria will be automatically delisted by Airbnb until they are updated to meet the criteria.
  • Cohosted listings are officially unsupported by the new Airbnb API. Tokeet does allow cohosted listings to connect via the new API and many of the connection features will work. However, we encourage users with cohosted listings to add their Tokeet rental's iCal URL to the Airbnb listing in the Airbnb dashboard to ensure availability is constantly updated. 
  • Listings connected prior to August 9th may have suffered a lapse in synchronization. This is due to an update released by Airbnb which now requires a synchronization setting for each listing. Tokeet is now automatically updating listings with this setting. Listings that are either cohosted or do not meet the content requirements will be automatically rejected by Airbnb.
  • Once a listing is connected to Tokeet, pricing and availability settings will no longer be accessible in Airbnb. These settings must be updated in Tokeet.
  • User may choose to sync only rates and availability via Tokeet or sync their entire listing content (Full Synchronization). By default Tokeet connects to your Airbnb listings with rates and availability sync. This allows Tokeet to perform all required actions like pushing rates, pushing availability, sending and receiving messages, and importing bookings. You may switch to Full Synchronization from within the connection details in Tokeet. Please note that if you choose Full Synchronizationyou will no longer be able to update your listing's rates, availability, or content in your Airbnb dashboard and will be required to do so via Tokeet.
  • Guest requirements are removed from listings connected to any channel manager via the new Airbnb API. There is no way to add these requirements back. This is done automatically by Airbnb.
  • Dates directly blocked on Airbnb will not be imported into Tokeet with the new Airbnb API. Users are encouraged to directly block dates in their Tokeet calendar to ensure all connected channels are updated accordingly.
Airbnb Listing Content Requirements
Airbnb will automatically disable listings that do not meet the following minimum content requirements.
  • Title - At least 8 characters in the listing title
  • Description - At least 50 characters in the listing description field
  • Photos - At least 7 photos, including 3 with high-resolution (800x500 pixels) 
  • Amenities - At least 5 amenities