Today we would like to unveil a new weekly feature to the Tokeet Changelog called "What's New @ Tokeet". This weekly update will chronicle all significant updates, changes and bug fixes made to the Tokeet suite of applications since the last update. As this is the first edition of this new feature, we will be focusing on the latest round of changes to the Tokeet, Signature and Automata web applications. Please check back weekly to see what new updates we have made.

  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this past week, including:

Updated: [Channels] We now push 2 years' worth of rates for Airbnb API (NEW) with each rate push.

Updated: [Channels] You can now leave any field blank in the Airbnb API (NEW) Price Settings that you do not want to update.

Fixed: [Rental Rates] Rates calendar (standard) was showing old dynamic rates.


Updated: [Triggers] Tooltips have been updated for clarity.

Updated: [Triggers] Account Active/Paused action changed into a switch to improve visibility.

Updated: [Triggers] Added Chinese translation support for both Traditional and Simplified.

Fixed: [Triggers] Guests with Chinese last names were receiving Chinese template translations.

Fixed: [Triggers] Some triggers were firing despite being inactive.

Fixed: [Triggers] Rental availability condition not reading the correct availability.

Fixed: [Triggers] Available days before/after condition was not reading the day count correctly.

Fixed: [Recent Activity] Booking tags color indicator missing from the graph.

Fixed: [Custom Codes] Custom codes not displaying in the template.

Fixed: [Custom Codes] Custom codes not displaying the correct value for the rental the guest has booked.


Updated: [All] Info icon tooltips updated with new information.

Updated: [Dashboard] You can filter the graph by template type.

Updated: [Custom Codes] You can create custom data codes to be used in templates.

Updated: [Templates] Tooltips have been updated for clarity.

Thank you for continuing to make Tokeet great! We're looking forward to your feedback about these new additions and fixes to our platform. As always, please email us with your questions or suggestions at any time.