Hello again! Let's see "What's New @ Tokeet" this week. This week, we have another group of updates and fixes that will improve the performance of the apps.
  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this past week, including:

Updated: [Channels] Improvements made to the Agoda rate push process.

Fixed: [Channels] Users were not able to accept AirBnB booking alterations.

Fixed: [Templates] Some contract links were expiring before the 5-day period ended.

Fixed: [Templates] The SOURCE data code was not displaying the channel name for bookings created manually in the calendar.


Updated: [Triggers] The recipient field is now mandatory for all Signature contracts, forms and documents.

Updated: [Templates] The GUEST_ID data code has been removed from the data dictionary due to lack of support from the channels.

Fixed: [Templates] Templates containing the INQUIRY_ID data code were not being sent successfully.


Fixed: [Templates] When sending templates, the guest list, users with more than 1,000 Tokeet guests were unable to search the full list.

Fixed: [Templates] When an account administrator was a recipient of a contract that requires a photo ID, an error message was being returned to the guest.

Thank you for continuing to make Tokeet great! We're looking forward to your feedback about these new additions and fixes to our platform. As always, please email us with your questions or suggestions at any time.