Welcome to another installation of the "What's New @ Tokeet" changelog. This week, we have an announcement for the future plans of SMS integration in the Tokeet and Automata apps. We also have another group of updates and fixes that will improve the performance of the apps.

  • It was a very difficult decision to make, but we feel that this is the right choice for the future. We have now announced our future plans for SMS integration in the Tokeet suite of applications. SMS will only be available in the Automata app, and the functionality has been expanded. Please take a moment to read the announcement below:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks to all of you for making the Automata beta a success. We are truly excited about its full launch and upcoming features. Now that Automata is fully up and running, as of November 1st, SMS automation will be exclusively available in Automata. SMS will no longer be a feature offered in the core Tokeet product.

    Since we introduced SMS in Tokeet about a year ago it has grown to be a very popular feature with over 100K SMS messages sent each month. This number has been increasing rapidly in the past few months without abatement. Due to this rising cost we are now forced to remove SMS from the base product in an effort to keep cost and prices down.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

    Tokeet Team

  • We would like to provide a polite reminder that users who were trialing the Automata and Signature applications will now have to subscribe to the services in order to continue their use.

    Automata and Signature are now out of beta. This means that you must subscribe to these products to continue using them. As of September 24th you must have a subscription to Automata/Signature in order to login to these applications. As of October 1st Automata will stop processing triggers for accounts without subscriptions.

    None of your data or triggers will be deleted from Automata or Signature. There is ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT to regular Tokeet triggers, Tokeet Contracts, or Tokeet. This announcement is exclusively regarding Automata and Signature.

    If you have previously setup Automata and wish to continue using it simply subscribe to a plan. Go to the My Billing Info page within your Tokeet account and activate your desired subscription.

  • We have introduced a custom implementation program for new user accounts.
  • We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this past week, including:

Fixed: [Channels] Booking and hold event modifications were delayed while pushing to AirBnB.

Fixed: [Channels] When trying to book open dates on AirBnB, some guests were receiving an error that the dates are no longer available.

Fixed: [Billing Info] Typo in the Activate Subscription modal said "Shall be proceed?" instead of "Shall we proceed?"


Fixed: [Triggers] Booking confirmed triggers were firing multiple times for some guest bookings.


Updated: [Owner Login] Owners now have access to the app, with a customized dashboard. They can save their password to the account so that it is auto-filled on contracts.

Updated: [Dashboard] Cleaned up the filter layout in the activity table.

Fixed: [All] Alphabetical sort was case-sensitive.

Fixed: [Login] Username and password icons were not loading until the field was clicked.

Fixed: [Dashboard] Sort by recipient was not working correctly.

Fixed: [Forms] Submitting a guest form was returning the error "Something went wrong."

Thank you for continuing to make Tokeet great! We're looking forward to your feedback about these new additions and fixes to our platform. As always, please email us with your questions or suggestions at any time.