Webready Updates | March 8, 2021

We have made a number of updates and bug fixes, including: 

  • Update:  [Account Info] Add Currency Field.
  • Fix: [ABB Connector] Disconnection should remove all the rentals.
  • Update: [Check out Page] Need to show the terms and Conditions of rental on the Check out page.
  • Update: [Inquiry Forms] Min & Max Stay validations should be visible on the Date Pickers.
  • Update: [Account Info] Add the "Reports" link which will take the user to Margins.
  • Update: [Channel Manager] User should be redirected to TV3 in case of Paid Tokeet subscription.
  • Update: [Rentals] Add EGP - Egyptian Pound as a currency in WR.
  • Update: [Side Menu] Change the name "Margins" to "Reports".